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  1. I would like to see the JCB front end loader incorporated in the game. If I could figure out how to mod, I'd add it myself.
  2. This harvester will not shut down when worker finishes a field and is unloaded. Everything else I have used does shut down once the worker finishes the field.
  3. When I attempted to use the Fendt724 Tractor mod by EpicPrydaMods it was a disaster. Loading the mod worked fine, but the moment I purchased the tractor, the game time went crazy. It started counting both hours and minutes every minute, and the hours counted past 24 and the minutes counted past 59. It had counted to 27:76 before I stopped the game and unloaded the mod. Everything appeared to go back to normal once that happened.
  4. Agreed, the JCB, which sports that fastest speeds I know of to date, will run 42mph. If I hook an empty trailer to it, it slows to 14mph and when I load the trailer, it gets even slower. Relogging has not made a difference. This is the JCB 4220 with the Akpril Masse C-1500 counterweight and the Wielton PRC-2B/W 10 Ton trailer. With this configuration empty it still should achieve 42mph, it just make take it a bit longer to wind up, Even full it should achieve the same speed, but take longer to wind up and longer to stop.
  5. If you have a harvester harvesting a field with Straw cut turned on and a worker, if you save, close and login back in, the harvester will resume work, but switches to straw mode. This is very frustrating.
  6. When you exit a vehicle, the trailer loading/unloading stops? Why?!? Especially under conveyor belts? Can we fix this in the future?
  7. Well the first is fantasy, and the second reality. Honestly, I prefer reality when it comes to simulators, no matter how inconvenient it may be
  8. Agreed, but in FS17, you can actually turn the forage function off. Perhaps that's what he's referring to.
  9. Nevermind, LOL, I figured it out. It was so simple it escaped me...
  10. OK, do the actually ferment the grass into silage?
  11. Some of the comments I see make me realize that some of you may be lacking the knowledge of exactly what happens in a project of this magnitude. I don't have the time or space to explain it, but my experience is that gamers are the absolute hardest audience to please. They all usually want instant satisfaction, have no patience, are excessively brutal when things aren't they way they perceive them to be and expect flawless perfection. There are a LOT of issues still to be addressed, but then looking back through all the patch notes I see that almost 3 times that have been resolved. This game is still in its infancy. I'm glad that I found it so early. I can find issues, make suggestions and know I'm being heard. I have put in many tickets thus far and every one has met with response in just hours instead of days. If you're unhappy, then go... but bashing developers and nit picking over one or two specific items is ridiculous IMHO. Myself, I can't wait to see what else I can find or what comes next.
  12. It's been my experience that when you play the "My First Farm" option, things need repair quite often. But playing the "Free Farming" option, I can go for days without so much as a scratch.
  13. The encyclopedia states that "Fodder is a special, carefully balanced animal food consisting of two ingredients: previously prepared silage and straw. This is incorrect. Cow fodder is created by mixing Silage, Straw and GRASS in a MetalTech WP6 device.
  14. The encyclopedia make reference to, and I quote "the collected grass will have to be transported to a special silo on the farm and then you wait until it ferments." Anyone have any clue where this "Special silo" is? I would most definitely prefer it over wrapping bails of grass. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  15. I believe the patch resolved the one row and stop issue. My workers will completely bail a whole field now without issues thus far. And I see where I have been confused. Cow fodder consists of Grass, silage and straw. The Encyclopedia only refers to silage and straw. My mistake. I had to buy the Metaltech WP6 to figure this out. So the grass bunker is just that, a bunker to hold grass.