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  1. Does anyone else have it on ps4 pro when you activate boost mode the game frequently jumps between 30 and 60 frames per second.
  2. Please techland take advantage of these consoles.
  3. There's already a suit in the game called pyza suit that let's you float.
  4. It's alright for free content imo.
  5. Do you still have a psn subscription?
  6. I would say that one if you have a NAT type issue and there are many ways to fix it online just Google NAT type trouble.
  7. I definitely agree with you on human PVP and the character creator I think that'd be pretty fun!
  8. Dear Techland. I really need you help team, I've been playing dying light since its date of release in 2015. I've purchased every version of the game PlayStation, Xbox, Pc. And that's where my problem is, the pc. I just bought a new rig two days ago with a Radeon rx 580 4gb 8gb ddr4 ram and a ryzen 5 1400 cpu. And what bothers me is my cpu is better than the recommended fx 8350! And her on ultra medium and low I struggle to get 60fps like we're talking 30-45fps and I'm not one to chupacabra and moan but if you pay for something better you'd expect it to work! Please Techland I know you probably won't read this but it would make your dearest fan happy to play dying at its best thank you for reading.
  9. So is Hellraid still stuck at the drawing board or is it canned?
  10. Pray for e3 coverage.
  11. The problem with the ps4 pro is that when it plays games that are meant for the original ps4 it scales it's power back to the original ps4 so whatever frame rate drops you have they're unfortunately the same for everyone.. it's annoying but try to look past it I guess sorry man.
  12. I would assume it is under copyright...
  13. So I assume you're saying that by picking lockers that are for instance hard or very hard locks they should contain loot that isn't found otherwise?
  14. I would assume within the next month or two just in time for spring. I know I'llhe picking up a copy so I can enjoy it in my PC. 😃
  15. Not many people play the game anymore.. unfortunately I wish people would come back to play it.
  16. It might have disappeared if you are in the base game the driving skill tree only exists when you're in the following DLC. Simply travel back there to level up have fun!
  17. The best thing to do would be to lower your difficulty by pressing the triangle on PlayStation Y on Xbox and I don't know the control on Pc. But you click that on your save file to lower the difficulty.
  18. No one here has had the issue apparently and they aren't going to fix a bug if only one person is having it. The only thing I can recommend is to uninstall the game and reinstall it.
  19. It was to add eye tracking for the PC version of the game so people can use there eyed to control the game. Assuming you have a tobii eye tracker.
  20. The main things I've wanted implemented in dying light since the launch date way back in 2015 is. A dedicated stealth system so people can ignore combat if they choose. More realistic melee combat like the combat they had in the 2014 Demo. More parkour animations and animations similar to the e3 2014 demo. Make firearms useful as well as expand upon the variety of both ranged and melee weapons, have a bigger map that's also denser with a wider variety of quests, and last but not least a UI overhaul so the game can appear cleaner. This is one of my favorite games ever and I believe that if in the sequel they can follow these guidelines it will work out better for them. Also everyone here has very good feedback keep it up so hopefully they can see this.
  21. I would assume that there will not be a ps4 pro patch Mainly because there is a competitive aspect to the game, and to have one version of the game run at a higher frame rate than the other might cause instability and unfairness in the multiplayer.
  22. So is there any rewards for beating the game again or naw?
  23. What if the nuke didn't go off...
  24. I don't see it in my game...
  25. Haha that's actually kind of funny probably slipped past the lead game designers.