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  1. I'm using the small landini for the spraying coffee and orchards
  2. Having the same problem myself, I have reported it the support team, they have passed it on to the the developers so hopefully they can get it fixed
  3. Anyone having trouble traveling My game keeps crashing when I try to move location ( it happens with the tablet and when I use the logistics center)
  4. Nice, How's your game going , any crashes?
  5. Just managed to get it, baled the big field at the main farm
  6. How's the farms coming along now I'm into day 16 and I'm starting to make profit on free farming
  7. A pickup truck with a towbar on it would be a really good idea
  8. Managed to get 97 can't find the last 3 They are like
  9. Corn as crop for chaff , We have the forage harvester and the silage bunker All we need is the corn and allow the bunker to make silage
  10. ps4

    Cheers James Any chance something can be done with the spam on the forum
  11. ps4

    Never got dat far, the game kept crashing when I got to a certain number of days and at 2 O'Clock But it was playable up until that time
  12. ps4

    Techland are doing a very good job at addressing the problems+ they are listening to the players
  13. ps4

    Does anyone remembered the C64, you could buy a game for it and it would never load . I have Forestry 2017 the simulation it was broke and never got fixed
  14. I like what your saying their. With the motel/hotel in the game we should get an order of fruit and veg to be met once a week
  15. Spam on the forum again,