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  1. Just like I said previously in another post. They fix some things and break others in the process. It seems like an endless fixing business.
  2. Still no fix for game crashing when traveling to Italy and Colombia. Still no fix for not being able to buy sheep in Germany. The biggest issues still haven't been addressed. C'mon guys! These updates need to be more frequent. You can't release an update for consoles every month. I don't believe for a second this is Microsoft's or Sony's fault, when other games do it in a matter of days.
  3. So, do we console players get to wait another month for this update?
  4. I doubt that the console can't handle this game, when FS 17 works pretty good with 60fps and with much better graphics. The problem is that the game is not optimized for consoles. It is deeply flawed and very wrong at the core. These updates so far show that they're grasping at straws. I expect these problems won't be fixed not even in the next five updates. They basically have the game still in its beta stage. Simple as that. I love the game, and I'm rooting for it to succeed. But in its current stage, with 60% of the game playable (only 3 locations out of 5 load without problems), I can't continue playing it as well. I'm heartbroken, because there's only a couple of games that have had this effect on me, and I have to stop playing, at least until these problems have been fixed. God damn you Techland/Iceflames!!!
  5. Their Facebook page. Apparently it's where they announce things now...
  6. Can't fault you for that. Good thing I've a PS4 as well
  7. Also available on Xbox store. Can only assume that PSN already has it available.
  8. So, as of now, I can't load the game in Italy at all. The game crashes every time. Tried to travel to Italy from every map and the result is the same: crash! Tried to start a new game and travel from one place to another. Italy starts doing this even from the start. At first, the game takes longer than usual to load, but it does after a couple of minutes. But, as you start purchasing new fields and add new equipment to the map, the game seems to not like this and the loading times take longer each time you travel there. It seems to build up, right until the moment where it can't load anymore and just crashes. This has to be the most polarizing game I have ever played: on one hand, it has great gameplay and brilliant ideas with a variety of tasks; on the other hand, it's an absolute disaster in technical terms with bugs aplenty. Technically, it's The worse experience I've had in over 25 years of gaming. As a game, though, it's one of the most satisfying experiences I've had in over 25 years of gaming (only Elite Dangerous and FS 17 can get into the same club). All of this, with the same game. How is this possible? My question to the developers: have you guys even played your game? Like, seriously, really play the game like a proper gamer, and see the myriad of problems the game has from the point of view of a gamer. 90% of all these bugs and game-lacking features (real time, high fuel consumption, etc...) could've been avoided had you played the game properly. Such promise with a beautiful game, and yet such poor execution. What a waste of great ideas. There's an update coming, but my expectations right now are very low. It will probably fix some problems, and cause a few others in the process.
  9. They know about the bug, but I'm not sure if it'll be fixed in next week's update. Also an Xbox player. We'll have to wait and see.
  10. Yep, I experienced that, too. And I'm on Xbox One. First time that happened. I insisted a couple of times after that and it loaded, only after another 20 minutes or so. I have also experienced the long loading time in Colombia now, as well. Sent a ticket to support, but the help they give you leaves a lot to be desired. Hopefully the next update can fix this somehow.
  11. Yes, when the notifications work, which is not always...
  12. Just sell them on their last day before they get old. Can't remember when exactly for each animal, but I think that info is in the game's encyclopedia section.
  13. Well, they mentioned around release, but we're over a month beyond release now, and still no word about this. @James Gallagher, any news on this topic? Thanks.
  14. I remember reading in a post by a dev team member that they were looking to add the orange DLC at some point for console players. If that wasn't possible, they would've said it right away. No point in misleading us.
  15. But, but... I wanted the orange orchards in Italy. OK, any DLC is good and quite welcoming, but I really want that damn Orange DLC that's currently Gemly exclusive, and impossible for console players to get. Every time I go to Italy and see those walled orchards, I'm reminded that the map is incomplete.