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  1. You are correct, just download them But atm I'm busy with the Detroit: Become Human demo
  2. And I don't think they said they will add a bigger trailer. So I think I'm with you not care about animals. It isn't worth the effort.
  3. I know. But I haven't found those options in Pure Farming. It looks like it's just grass storage and nothing more.
  4. Yeah, but if you store grass doesn't it usually fermit into silage fermentation? Weird sentence I know, but you know what I mean... right?
  5. Yeah, but I have the feeling dev team's or PR people always say they are looking into this sort of "news". If it's timed it's usually know from the beginning.
  6. As it is a Gemly exclusive it all depends on how they made the deal for the oranges. Is it a timed exclusive than maybe in a year console players can have it too. If not, we may never see the oranges. And looking at the game, it's all there they only have to enable it on console.
  7. I had it filled 100% but nothing. But filling one up and wait doesn't take long so I can try again and see what happens or doesn't happen.
  8. Yeah, I don't understand why they put that in the game. Isn't very useful.
  9. I found no option to cover the grass on PS4 to start the ferment process. I don't think it's possible...
  10. I think they only need repairs if you hit trees/rocks and drive over hills and not following the roads.
  11. Didn't someone thought that the more you sell the more the prices are rising.
  12. They should know, I send them a couple of video's and pics with that problem. And I don't think i'm the only one who did that
  13. I think that's because the Wielton trailer is ment to be a tractor trailer and not a DAF trailer. But it's ridiculous. Traveling between countries? I don't have that problem if I travel from Japan to Montana with vehicles.
  14. I agree with @gtasthehunter the game isn't broken. Sure there are still some problems, like the water bug. But if you start a new game with al the patches the games is as good as new. I restarted a new free farming post-patch and no fundamentals problems. Only two crashes with the farming Challenges but they fixed a lot with the 2 patches.
  15. This is the Pure Farming board. You find only virtual farmers here.
  16. What he said
  17. I usual use one of each. But the Metaltech WP6 doesn't mix any of it. It just say what's inside. No idea if the cows have a healthy diet. But they give milk and the other stuff so I think they are happy.
  18. I have piglets. Strange thing is that the potatoes changed from prepared fodder to unprepared fodder. And when I wanted to reload the steamer everything disappeared. Damn those potatoes! I thought I read that in the in game encyclopedia or in a mail during the campaign. Not sure anymore.
  19. I now use the same trailer like in your video works a lot better!
  20. Good point. I do that later.
  21. I bought a second harvester and I hire workers, I have 2 potatoes fields. Goes faster I only have to unload and hire a new worker and start the process all over again. Bit tricky with the trailers... If I succeed I post how I did it here. Not sure if I use pictures or make a video. Once I have those damn potatoes I feed them to the pigs... I hope it's worth it.
  22. I'm not there yet, I haven't harvest all my potatoes it's a very slow process for some strange reason.
  23. Not everywhere. In Columbia in one of the orchards it's a bit tricky. But in the big ones in Montana & Japan no problem. In Japan I can do all 3 with one tank, very cost efficient
  24. That's weird, the exclamation circle keeps flikkering if I do that... Or that's maybe because I use the Wielton Strong Master