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  1. Oh, good. So it's not just me. Okay, not good but you know what I mean...
  2. PS4 free demo, you can download it in the store. I played the demo before, if you liked Heavy Rain you definitely will enjoy this. You can feel the hatred dripping of your screen just because you are a android and the fact that you know that every choice you make has consequence just makes it more realistic. Farming topic related, I installed the goats and the game is slow and the camera shaking. Not sure what happend but something went wrong...
  3. You are correct, just download them But atm I'm busy with the Detroit: Become Human demo
  4. And I don't think they said they will add a bigger trailer. So I think I'm with you not care about animals. It isn't worth the effort.
  5. I know. But I haven't found those options in Pure Farming. It looks like it's just grass storage and nothing more.
  6. Yeah, but if you store grass doesn't it usually fermit into silage fermentation? Weird sentence I know, but you know what I mean... right?
  7. Yeah, but I have the feeling dev team's or PR people always say they are looking into this sort of "news". If it's timed it's usually know from the beginning.
  8. As it is a Gemly exclusive it all depends on how they made the deal for the oranges. Is it a timed exclusive than maybe in a year console players can have it too. If not, we may never see the oranges. And looking at the game, it's all there they only have to enable it on console.
  9. I had it filled 100% but nothing. But filling one up and wait doesn't take long so I can try again and see what happens or doesn't happen.
  10. Yeah, I don't understand why they put that in the game. Isn't very useful.
  11. I found no option to cover the grass on PS4 to start the ferment process. I don't think it's possible...
  12. I think they only need repairs if you hit trees/rocks and drive over hills and not following the roads.
  13. Didn't someone thought that the more you sell the more the prices are rising.
  14. They should know, I send them a couple of video's and pics with that problem. And I don't think i'm the only one who did that