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  1. I have tried very hard to look past the problems with this game and have had the best hopes for it. But i just cant play it anymore not while it still seems to be in beta testing. 3 patches in a months time, the "AI" are lackluster at best, the equipment leaves alot to be desired and im tired of farming just to cover the cost of keeping my vehicles fueled up. I still hold out hope that this game reaches the level to surpass FS. My biggest suggestion to the developers is this; TRY PLAYING THE GAME! Its quite apparent that they never did or there wouldnt be too many issues. Good luck to you all.
  2. Any time
  3. It only works with the 2 larger ones. On pc, i hit Y to change it to spit out straw.
  4. Great idea!
  5. I 2nd the notion
  6. Did some kind of a hotfix come out for this?
  7. I say get the game working 100% and then expand. Id like to be able to join fields together.
  8. The same with the couple of fenced in areas in montana
  9. I do like the game and hope it gets better
  10. AI=animated idiots
  11. I havent seen a reply or post from the development team for a while. The first week after release they posted often
  12. On pc i have i think 12 save slots. I alternate saves between 2 of them in case of a crash so i have 1 to fall back on
  13. Aint that the truth! Its bad enough that i have to do some work never mind ALL right now
  14. Now i have a craving for chinese food
  15. Im on pc and i havent had a crash yet.....only when i hire someone. Its sad to report but the unemployment rate in montana just went up. Good luck to yous