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  1. You miss something from that list The graphics in this game look like trash that putting it nice.. crop type is a real bad joke only 3 to pick No corn No Grass seeds No canola Vehicles do not have workin Horn Beacons Indicators Turn the engine on and off and keeping it running there is NO in game Market to sell or demand stuff
  2. List of Cons 1 No head lights 2 No indicators 3 No turnin the Engine off / on / or leave it running 4 the beacons look like trash 5 you can’t plant / coffee grapes olive So You can’t grow all types 6 you can’t change the money sign 7 Inside Vehicle cabin look horrible 8 No manual linkage 9 game look cloudy unrealistic on ps4 pro 10 OMG No crops destruction 11 there is 2 different speed gauges 12 No customisation vehicles 13 you cannot even go in the greenhouse 14 There is a limit on vehicles in the game 15 bug with my first farm keep on game crashing