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  1. Yes, I think the character should be able to jump - would help out a lot in saving time and getting around. Quite a few times I've found a sapphire the other side of a fence and had to backtrack a fair way to be able to pick it up. I like that you can pick them up while still in a vehicle though.
  2. Yes there is a patch, it will be out for consoles in 2-3 weeks. Some issues, like hiring workers, are often resolved by reloading the game or even doing another task and then coming back and trying again.
  3. Hi. See this thread -
  4. Short of getting GPS to console it would be nice to at least have a compass with a readout in degrees - would make working straight lines in fields much easier.
  5. I have a bit of a problem with this mission. When I spoke to the farmer he says he has pigs that just need transporting but when I accept the mission and go to the pen (pigsty 2) it says it’s my property and there are no pigs. Also the first time I went there (after accepting the mission) I was able to buy piglets but not fodder. Not sure it mattered as the pigs were unlikely to mature in time to sell them for the mission anyway. So I went back to an older save to put pigs and fodder in the sty before accepting the mission so they’d have time to mature and this time I was able to buy fodder but not piglets. After accepting the mission I can again buy piglets but not fodder (although it’s at 100% so that might be an issue) however it would be touch and go again as to whether the pigs mature before the mission expires. As a work around I have bought another pigsty where I can purchase both piglets and fodder before accepting the mission and started rearing the animals there. So I’m wondering, did I accept the mission too late in the game and the farmer’s pigs died already? Has anyone done this mission without these problems and if so, how many days into the game were you?
  6. No clue. None of my prices have changed since they hit their maximum in My First Farm mode either. I’ve not checked for sure but I seem to get the same price for product wherever I sell it. I thought exporting veg to Italy when I unlocked that would fetch a higher price but it didn’t seem any different.
  7. Bought the digital copy so not definite whether the disk version has one but I doubt it as pretty much all games come with an in game manual or help section these days. All the information you should need for this game is available via the tablet within the game.
  8. Thought I’d tried it already but just by chance I had another attempt at taking fertiliser on the Wielton 10T trailer and it worked - it can take 70 bags at a time!!
  9. I still only feed cows the prepared stuff
  10. Agree with all of that, and I'd add: Real purpose for having a pickup truck. Greenhouses with decent interactions like collecting & selling produce before it spoils Vehicle maintenance and failures Variety of buildings on map and appropriate sell points for produce Interesting and engaging side missions which require you to use own equipment and product Vehicle switching menu Detailed farm management statistics and functionality via the tablet
  11. That manure wagon is quite high. I only just managed to load it with the Lintrac and the larger front loader. I had sold my starting Zetor tractor after being given the Forterra for doing the equipment delivery side mission so when I came to this mission I had no tractor that could work with the given front loader, oops.
  12. Hi James. Another bug I found (again First Farm mode) was when I went to Japan it was possible to collect cherries from all 3 of the orchards with a tipper and sell them. Obviously the mission was collect from 1 orchard (even though you don't own it) but they were all unlocked for collection. When I returned to the Montana map I checked 3 orchards but none of them had any produce so not sure if its just limited to Japan.
  13. I’m not talking about the tractors you get in the deluxe version and can buy for $0, I’m talking about the equipment you deliver as part of the mission as per above - trailer, sprayer, seeder & manure tank. They all have resale value through the menu after I picked them up and put them on my farm.
  14. In First Farm mode after you do the mission of collecting and delivering equipment for the farmer the equipment respawns each time you go into the game. The tipper spawns behind the eastern shop; the orchard sprayer over by the town; the liquid manure tank at the Logistics centre; and the seeder I think at the shop on the west side of the map. You can pick up and use this equipment and when you reload the game new equipment will spawn in the original locations as well as the equipment you pinched being where you left it. You can't sell the machines, only use them, but is this intended or a bug? Beware that even if you move a machine very slightly a new machine will try to spawn at the location on top of it which can cause problems. edit: it seems you can sell the equipment after you have ‘taken ownership’ of it. So it must surely be a bug as this could be exploited to make easy money.
  15. I only had time to perform a very quick test which was driving around a bit at full throttle and the consumption didn't seem high enough. Will have to test it more properly working a field pulling a plow or something to get a better idea.