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  1. Well it was another day full of adventures with Pure Farming (rather Pure Joke). Cows: 1. The pasture/barn is ridiculously small even if u upgrade. Cows stand outside only. 2. Cows models are poor. 3. Cow food is unlimited to buy and right next to the barn. 4. Mixing wagon is the size of a bale (bale is 500 kg) yet it holds 6000 kg (machine description is saying 6000 liters so please make up your mind). So as you can see it holds 12 bales! Incredible compacting! 5. I've made a silage bale, yet if you put it into mixer it is grass! 6. There is a silo on the farm, yet u can not make silage in it, its just for grass! 7. There is a nice big grass harwester/mower, yet u can not plant grass on your fields and you are forced to use wild grass. 8. There isn't any guide on how to make a power food for cows! 9. Cows don't need water! 10. After i've put so much efford into all of that the game just crashed (i play on ps pro) Overall the cows is a BIG joke to me. Not even close to fs 13.
  2. feedback

    Tak tak wiedzą. Dzisiaj wyszedl/wyjdzie patch na pc. Za 2-3 tygodnie na konsole. Także w moim przypadku muszę czekać. Pozdro
  3. I understand thank you. I know it takes forever. Ill be w8.
  4. Look mate i know about that but 2-3 weeks is very long time. They should put out a small patch first and then the big one. So what all the people on consoles should do till then? See i am playing every day 3-4 h, but the game crashes, there are bugs and the time is too fast to progress further into the game in free mode. I try to stay positive but its just get very frustrating. Oh well ill stop complaining now.
  5. 2-3 weeks on konsole...hmm ok i will have to put away the game for that time then cuz its just so frustrting:(
  6. U cam sell it for 0. So its not a bug rather they overlooked this as the free equipment is a part of deluxe version
  7. On ps4 u buy fert bags with a square button. You can buy up to 9 bags. You can unload them with an x button to the massive box on the left side of the greenhouse.
  8. Well i agree with you on that you cant compare pc to ps4 but...why the hell we got that fog and pc dont? I just dont get that. I dont agree with the second thing u said about draw distance on fs17. If u change your settings to full hd and then change the options in there u will get larger draw distance. Not much but it does change.
  9. Crashes happened to me as well and to make things worse it happened when i was live streaming. The crash is stopping the stream and it sends you back to ps menu so people who are watching at the moment have no clue what just happened.
  10. Farmer jimbob are you on ps4 or pc? I play pn ps pro and graphics in comparison to pc is rubbish. Everything is blurry in the distance, there is no 4k res and that fog...its terrible
  11. I am absolutely with you on this one. Its difficult to play with those bugs. This game should be Ps Pro Enchanted like fs17 is. Give us 4k resolution please.
  12. Ok where are The positive aspects of the game if this is yours honest review. Just saying.
  13. feedback

    Jcb fasttrack jest za tani, a jego predkosc maksymalna to TYLKO 63km/h. Powinno byc 70 km/h min. Dolaczam sie do kolegi wyzej gra crashuje po przewinieciu nocy! Do niektorych kombajnow nie da sie kupic osobno hedera i wozka tylko sa juz odrazu razem. Czy tak ma byc?
  14. Game will last 40h in my opinion
  15. Hello. I bought deluxe edition on my ps pro. 1st of all the graphics are disappointing. It needs more anty analysing or something to make the edges smooth/sharp. 2nd the in game time is passing too fast. 3rd after you turn your head lights on the stop light dosnt work anymore. 4rd the game crushed on me 2 times while i was live streaming. An auto save option must be applied! 5th Rabbits are growing only one day without food or water and you can sell them for double the profit. 6th i bought self propeled grass cutter and it was delivered to the farm. But the header stayed at the shop. I could not atach the trailer with the header to tractor. I had to use that grass cutter so i had to come over all the way to the shop again just to pick it up. 7th pedestrians are made from steel. After crushing to one of them your vehicle will just stop and pedestrian will disappear. It will be better if there will be no collision on them. Well thats it for now. I dont now what to think about the game yet. But it is sloooowwww goin