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  1. That's a good point, I think you have something there. That sounds very plausible. While gas station #2 was very close to the field I was working, it took 30 minutes to drive there each way with the current game speed and spent 4 gallons, which falls in line with your theory, as well as when I had to fill up twice while working the small field, it took 12 in-game hours to sow said field, yet only maybe 15-20 minutes in real time.
  2. I concur with this - the fuel consumption of tractors is beyond extreme - having to fill up twice while working on a SMALL field is ridiculous. It drained 4 gallons to go from Gas Station 2 to Field #1, seriously?! I can almost see the gas station from that field! Also, the cistern sprinkler nozzles are kind of a joke. Wouldn't there be a better nozzle or something on them so that they irrigated more than the width of the tank? I would have thought you could find something similar to the orchard sprayer, but for water on your crops. Or a sprinkler placeable? I saw one in an orchard, is that an option later on maybe? I'm still only working on the tutorial, so I have no idea what would be available in the free-farm mode. Maybe I'm just not seeing any other options in the store, but right now, irrigation is quite tedious. Is there a way to see the weather forecast on your tablet other than the current temperature so you can see when it will rain next? Hopefully tweaks to these things are on the way. Edit: And sure enough, when I finally finished irrigating, it started raining - no lie *sigh* - talk about being spot on to real life!
  3. I'm noticing that the the majority of the vehicle mirrors in game will show you sort of what's behind you, but more often than not, the view is just black, extremely dark and not representative of what's actually behind you, or they are in a position that you can't even see into the mirror (starter harvester in tutorial scenario - mirrors are parallel to your character in cab view). I can imagine getting working mirrors in a game could be challenging, but we have a tablet graphic mounted in all the vehicles I've been in so far, could there be a way to display it on that or have an option/button to bring up a backup camera/mirror view like they have in some of the truck driving simulators?
  4. I'm having trouble too with setting up internet radio stations to work in game. I'm probably not doing it correctly (I'll be perfectly honest I'm new at using internet radio other than listening to Pandora or Slacker in my web browser or my phone), but every one that I enter the URL for says it needs to be in MP3 format when I test it - I can't find any that say specifically they use MP3 format. Does anyone have any better instructions on how to add internet stations or maybe a list of radio stations/websites that are in the proper format? I've been trying to find some good celtic/classical stations that will work, without much luck.
  5. I agree, there are some quality of life, controls, day length, and camera issues but in general, I'm liking it. I agree 100% of the updating mini-map - that's probably one of my favorite features as well as the integrated Tablet themed UI, that's a nice touch making it feel more modern. I like that there's a "tutorial" to help you get familiar with the game elements and they seem to explain things a bit better. I don't mind the amount of equipment they have so far at all. Other farm sims can be a bit overwhelming with all the different types of equipment all at once that you have no idea what 90% of it is for. This one paces you a little better in the "My Farm" scenario, which does a good job of introducing you to farming if you're new to the genre, which I like. I like the idea of having to use your own equipment for the missions too, it is interesting to say the least if you are familiar with the farming game genre. On the other hand though, I liked doing missions in another farming game that provided you the equipment because you were able to try out new/different/bigger equipment, which helped you further on when making purchasing choices. Rather than the save game>rent equipment>try it out>reload saved game method. Edit: I also REALLY like the field status window that pops up on the right of the screen when near/in the field that gives you all the pertinent info regarding its status and the percentage of each variable. Very comprehensive and quickly lets you know what to prioritize. The other good thing is the developers seem to be listening to some of the issues we are having and have already mentioned several things they are working on for the next patch to tweak things a bit better. For the most part, I feel it's been a very smooth launch. Good Job Devs! I am eager for what will come in the future!
  6. Is there a way to set/turn down the sensitivity of steering when using a keyboard? I know you can tweak a controller to a point (I sometimes use a Steam controller and can tweak pretty much everything to some point within Steam options - gyro steering seems to work the best for getting smoother steering), but steering with the keyboard seems EXTREMELY sensitive. I know that driving in games with keyboards is usually about tiny short bursts of key presses to correct course, but even the slightest tap on the keyboard makes your tractor jerk sharply left/right, usually resulting in a pretty significant direction change if going above 5 mph. You look like you just put in a 3-day bender at the local pub! Driving very slow seems better but still, the tiniest corrections are extremely jerky and overexaggerated. I'm not new to farming sims, with and without a keyboard, so I would think it would be a shorter learning curve. I can't tell you how many times I've driven my tractor/truck into any and every immovable object, as well as the movable ones too! Totally open to any suggestions if there is a way to tweak any settings further to make the steering just a bit smoother and less "Drunken Farmer" style.
  7. That's great news, thanks James!
  8. Maybe there's a setting I'm not seeing, but first person view (while outside a vehicle) would be GREATLY appreciated. I find the character movement to be rather janky and awkward, both with a keyboard+mouse and a controller. Also, when exiting a vehicle, the camera seems to always default inside the character's head (ewww), which makes it take a minute or so to get your bearings to figure out which way you're facing. The movement of the character just doesn't seem fluid in relation to the controls. I feel it might be better if there were an option to go into first person, not only for fluidity of movement vs controls but also for better immersion. Edit: Also, there doesn't seem to be a way to zoom in/out when outside a vehicle either (character view) when walking around machinery near or in buildings is extremely frustrating as you get a limited view, being able to zoom out would make it so much easier to see what you're doing. And I feel the max zoom out while in a vehicle is not far enough. I would like to see an increase in the distance of this. I'm not to that point yet, but unless it scaled to the vehicle, this will be a huge problem with larger machinery. It would be ideal if zooming in/out with mouse scroll wheel would take you all the way in to first person/cab view and vice versa.
  9. Is there a setting I'm not seeing to have your camera lock to following your vehicle? I find it a bit frustrating to have to constantly adjust the camera to see what I'm doing each and every time I make even the slightest turn. It's not so bad when playing keyboard and mouse, but when using controller it's maddening to have to move the camera constantly while trying to steer at the same time.
  10. Agreed, even the lowest setting is quite fast. When starting the tutorial, by the time you read all the emails, fix the tractor and harvester and start to harvest your only field, it's like 7 PM at night and getting dark, that seems a bit ridiculous. I don't want it to be as slow as real time, but dawn to dusk in like 15-20 minutes seems a bit extreme.
  11. Maybe I'm not seeing the setting, but there's no female farmer option in the customization?! Not that it's a huge deal, but it's 2018, not having the option for a female avatar is a bit sexist in this day and age, no? I doubt I'm the only person wishing to play as a female farmer. And please, no responses of "girls don't farm" and "girls don't play computer games", etc. All that nonsense is quite a bit tiresome and completely untrue.