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  1. The sad thing is. This game is obviously geared to pc. A lot like FS17. Companies need to realize I Don't want a pc . Couple of hours after work like to play. Release update all at once or you alienate the console people. Take us away and that's a lot of lost ptofit.
  2. Guess you don't, had to purchase the DLC. I am kind of upset that I had to pay for it, when we were not even aloud to pre-order the game. Oh well. Have stopped playing until the patch comes out in 2-3 weeks. Hope you have better luck bige.
  3. Thanks again James. If nothing else the game is worth getting for the great customer support. Good luck on your launch, looking forward to tomorrow.
  4. Will we still be able to get the pre-order map and bonuses. Most of all thanks for answering my question James.
  5. Ok. Great. Thanks for answering my question. At least it will be out the 13th. So I can wait. I am just hoping we can still get the pre-order bonuses.
  6. I know this has been asked, is there any timeline when the pre-order will be available in the US PS Store. Thanks for any help. Really excited to play this, looks outstanding.