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  1. Thank you so much for looking into this. So far I would have to say that this fix is my biggest wish.
  2. Never mind, I found them.
  3. Am I just missing the button (PS4) or do we not have headlights?
  4. I have not even played yet- waiting for delivery today- and I am now worried about this. I too would LOVE the ability to play in real time. It is how I've always played on the other farming simulator games. I enjoy the little games like Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley, just to name a couple, but hate that the time goes by so quickly. When I play FS I try to play as realistically as possible though I will speed up time at night or early on after starting a map and haven't got much to do. While time is still somewhat condensed as far as growth times, etc., I can still play at a pace where I can enjoy all aspects rather than only being focused on rushing around. I don't play farming simulators to be mad dashing all about. I have been enjoying the different versions I have of FS for years now and am really hoping to be able to say the same for PF. I know it's early days yet and I am very hopeful for an update addressing this very issue very very soon. Thank you for bringing up this subject Deejoo. I am in complete support.