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  1. Oh well in that case I'm just going to hold off on this game if no support arrives I will just buy it second hand in a few month
  2. Thanks for the reply. Must say I'm suprised and disappointed in the lack of support for Xbox one x. Hopefully its only a temporary situation. Obviously Xbox one x would be the best way to show the game off on consoles
  3. So I'm going to guess no-one gives a damn enough to give an answer on wether there's going to be a Xbox one x /ps4 pro upgrade for consoles? think I'm just going to cancel my pre-order until this question gets answered
  4. Will there be upgrades for ps4 pro and Xbox one x? I can't seem to get a reply from anyone about this
  5. It's ok, I know both machines will run the game just fine, what I am wondering is if this game will use all the extra resources these consoles provide Just for reference fs17 does
  6. Ok maybe I'm blind or something but all I see is Xbox one and ps4 no mention of ps4 pro or Xbox one x maybe you can point it out for me?
  7. Will there be support for xbox one x and ps4 pro
  8. I can't seem to find an answer anywhere so gonna ask here ..will there be multiplayer? And how about x1x/pro support? I find it strange we are so close to release and there so little info out