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  1. You guys hit the nail on the head. If you are a fan of farming games you should want as much variety and as many competitors as possible. I don't understand the mentality behind thinking that there can only be one game and anything else should be ridiculed for even trying to provide players with a different experience. I know I will be playing both Farming Simulator and Pure Farming and maybe even another game if something like Farmer's Dynasty comes to consoles too.
  2. After playing the game a few days I think I have seen enough of what Pure Farming 2018 has to offer to come to a verdict on how much I like the game. In short, I absolutely love this game and it is a real joy to play. It is not perfect, but having closely followed the development I have seen plenty of evidence that Techland/IceFlames truly do care about player feedback and complaints. Nearly all of the issues players have come across are being addressed in the first patch and they have done a great job giving detailed updates on what they are working on. Whatever you may think about the game, you have to admit that the developers are working hard to meet our demands. So what makes Pure Farming so fun? 1. The locations. -The devs have done an amazing job capturing the atmosphere of the locations in the game. Each one is truly unique and a pleasure to work in. 2. The variety of activities. -Field farming, orchards, greenhouses, and livestock are all equally engaging and give you plenty to do to occupy your time. 3. The sound design. -I cannot overstate how good the sound effects in this game are. It creates a very relaxing and upbeat tone that I honestly have not experienced since playing my favorite game of all time (Afrika on PS3). As someone who typically listens to music or youtube videos while playing games, I shut everything off when playing Pure Farming. I could fall asleep listening to the sound of fruits plopping into your trailer on a loop. 4. The convenience. -The best description for this game is user-friendly. The mini map and full map, the tablet, the drone, the vehicle selection wheel, and pretty much every interface in the game is designed to make things easy. 5. The crops. -The developers really hit it out of the park with the crop selection and gave us some unique experiences we may never have seen in other farming games. They did such a good job and I hope there will be even more to come as they have hinted at the possibility of new locations being added later down the road. Now with all that said, this is an honest review and there are still some things that I would like fixed or changed in the future. I would personally really like: -The farmer to have a flashlight -All livestock to require feeding -If orchards trees would have a stage where you could see the fruit on the tree -To be able to deliver bottles of milk to homes But overall I am very happy with where the game is at and it will only get better from here on out. I'm really excited to see what will be added after they get through fixing bugs and this game could very well make it into my top 5 games of all time. What do you guys think?
  3. It's not their fault, Sony and Microsoft have a slow process for allowing updates on any console game.
  4. ...when I am having more fun playing this then some $60+ games I have purchased? I love: -Unique crops/vehicles -Livestock that actually ages -Three different modes to choose from depending what I'm in the mood for -Drone -Upgradable buildings -Orchards -Beautiful locations -Handling of the vehicles -Great lighting -Really relaxing and crisp sound effects -Mini map that helps you stay in a straight line, making plowing actually enjoyable for once -Interesting crop sell points And last, but not least: -The fact that techland/iceflames are already working on resolving every issue that has been raised and adding even more content! I have never seen a more transparent and detailed plan of action from any other developer. I can't wait to buy the first DLC pack. Thanks for the great game!
  5. I hope this doesn't become one of those design choices where developers insist a game is only fun if it is played a certain way, even when players largely disagree. I like being able to take my time, especially if I have so many farms to work at once.
  6. They have said they are working on getting more vehicles and mods are coming also.
  7. There are very many women on the forum for another farming game, so I do think they should be represented in the game.
  8. With the large number of farming games coming out over the past year, how do you want Pure Farming 2018 to distinguish itself from the other titles? I don't think they will ever have the largest selection of brands, or the most non-farming side activities like logging, so personally I think they can set themselves apart by having the most diverse crop selection. They already have a great head start and here's hoping they will release more unique crops in future DLCs! What do folks think?
  9. It won't be available for pre-order digitally in the North American Playstation Store unfortunately. I'm guessing there is some kind of fee to get listed on the NA store for pre-orders and it was too expensive.
  10. I think the most information he can give out is that they are going to work on adding multiplayer after launch. They can't give specifics because it is so early they can't possibly predict how long it will take and obviously if the game sells poorly they may never get the chance. As far as differences from FS17, there are: more crops and more unique crops (and all the equipment that goes with them), more varied locations, better graphics, lighting, and sound design, story mode and challenges, better greenhouses, orchards, map that shows what part of the field you have already worked, better interface for switching between vehicles, livestock that goes through different life stages (i.e. they look like calves when you buy them), rabbits, chicken coops that are more interactive, selling livestock for meat, upgradable buildings, different physics for driving equipment, ability to ship your equipment to your other farms, option to sleep through the night, and a drone you can operate. That's just what I can remember at the moment. They said that modding will start with just vehicles but they are taking input to decide what else they may add later. They have said they are in the process of possibly getting more locations, crops, and equipment to add to the game among other things, and will release more specific information later.
  11. James, has there been any update on whether or not we will be able to pre-order the digital version on the Playstation store? I would prefer to get the digital version, but if Playstation won't allow pre-orders I will get the physical version I guess.
  12. I know, I wish I could find a farm to work on on the weekends. But until I find one I will have to settle for this awesome game. I have a rough couple of months coming up at work so I am looking forward to relaxing the stress away harvesting grapes!
  13. Thanks for the response James! I cannot wait for this game to come out, I get chills watching the game preview footage!
  14. Here are the crops listed for each location: Montana - barley, rye, wheat, cabbages, tomatoes, plums, peppers, apples, pears, potatoes Italy - olives, eggplants, grapes, oranges Colombia - coffee, chillies, industrial hemp Japan - rice, wasabi, cherries Germany - rapeseed, cabbages, peppers, tomatoes
  15. I like pretty much everything I have seen so far, but I do have some suggestions: - I would like to be able to temporarily disable HUD and on-screen messages so I can take screenshots of the game to use as a background on my PS4. - This wasn't in any of the preview videos I have seen, but I read somewhere that rabbits only live for one in-game day. I wish it could be a little bit longer than that. Maybe 3 days. - Lastly, if there is ever another crop added to the game (maybe as a paid DLC), I would really like to be able to grow bananas. According to a google search I did, they can be grown in Colombia. Actually, it would be cool just to have banana plants in the game even if you can't harvest them or anything. Thank you for your consideration.
  16. According to the pictures posted on the official facebook page, it looks as though each map has it's own set of crops. Plus, some crops wouldn't work on other maps, like rice. You need underwater fields to grow it. However, my understanding is that all of the maps are tied together (if you earn money on one it can be spent on another) and you can switch between maps freely, unlike other games where each farm is a separate save file.
  17. Does anyone know if there will be an option to turn off the HUD so we can take pictures? I want to use them as a background on my PS4. There are so many unique pieces of equipment in this game, I just discovered all the information on the Pure Farming facebook page.
  18. On a side note, one of the things that stood out most to me when I watched the demos was the sound quality. I really hope it sounds that good at release. Especially the plopping sound of the grapes and coffee beans going into the hopper.
  19. Is anyone able to post a new thread on here? I was going to make one, but I don't see the option to do so.
  20. Ok, thank you for the response. I am really looking forward to this game! I don't know how you fit so many different kinds of crops into one game. I hope there will be DLC so we can support the game more since the price is so low. Even if it is just more outfits for our character.
  21. Do you have any idea when the game will be available to preorder digitally on PS4? I want to get the Germany map. Also, do you know if we will be able unload crops and other materials onto the ground and scoop it back up? Thanks for any information!