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  1. Thanks for not being rude like some people. I'm not a new player btw. I have about 700 hours as the hunter i have 1 apex and a mauler and about 600 hours as survivor and even I think that they made this new update to much. Used to the hunter had to fight. Now most matches I play they spit and run. Letting the flying hordes do the rest. Or I try to jump on their head and land literally on top of them and not get the DFA but instead die right in their laps.
  2. I get what you're saying. But didn't they change the gravity as you say to help the other side? Or the piano keys? I just want them to put some of it back. I have told everyone I didn't mind the change it did need to happen but just not that much that fast.
  3. So far you have said almost everyone's opinion is wrong. I never said don't give your opinion that's what they want you to do. Not get on here and tell them what you think of everyone else's. And as far as advice on living I have no clue what you are talking about. Don't bother responding because I don't care about your opinion.
  4. Someone that plays a 1000 hours needs to think about something other than dying light. Like maybe work. You have picked toward almost every person that has put up a post. We paid for the game just like you. If someone isn't happy they have the right to say something because they paid for it. You already said what you think now let the devs read less bs and focus on the community not just one person that wants it their way.
  5. I agree we all have our on style. We play what is fun. That's what we play for. Ya I like a challenge but I also had fun being able to rain death on a hunter but now it is almost impossible. I just want some of the grab distance back. As far as tje other buffs i can handle them. They do tend to overwhelm you with spits sometimes.
  6. Thanks I hope they do soon. I have stopped playing due to it not being fun anymore.
  7. This game is terrible now. I tried to play as hunter tonight and after searching for a match for an hour I had to just give up. Hope you guys fix this issue soon
  8. I think the public has spoke when you try to quick join on xbox one as a hunter 9 out of 10 drop out. But now as the human you have alot of apexs starting over and enjoying beating people. I have done the same and it has just made it was to easy for me to just sit back and spit instead of having to go in and earn a kill. I keep checking back from time to time hoping to see this horrible so called updated is fixed.
  9. My style is fine and this thread is to tell what we think of the update. Fyi I don't use just a machete. I use everything. I don't play all the time like you guys. I can only a few hours a week. And those few hours suck now. I have switched back to the zombie side. And I'm lucky if 1 out of 15 matches the survivor doesn't drop out. And it's because I can overwhelm them with hordes and if spits while seeing every move they make. But if you say this is balanced that's your opinion. Don't bash others and just state your peace.
  10. I have tried several times to give it a go with this new patch and after at least 50 horrible games I believe I'm done playing until we get some balance back.
  11. I could manage with the spit capabilities they have now but I think they should at least give back some if the grab distance for DFA. Not the height distance. I don't think it was fair doing short jumps for a DFA but the grab distance was fine before.
  12. I agree. It was to easy to jump short distances to dfa on hunter. I played my son just to goof off and practice. I couldn't land anything unless I looked straight at him and landed dead on him. If you are not precise you will miss and die instantly. They have giving the hunter toy many instant deaths and took away the only instant death we have. Well besides spikes and they have that to plus 2 spits every 30 seconds. I played as the hunter last night. Because playing the other side sucks now. Me and a friend played for 30 mins and it gave me over 60 spits. That is just stupid. He stood no chance.
  13. I agree that things needed changed but I still after playing several hours trying to figure this patch out think the dfa needs fixed. Not back to what it was but easier than what it is now. And of course the hordes flying up on top of buildings. People say its easier to get matches now but I was getting plenty of hunters the way it was.
  14. I'm ready for this horrible update to be fixed. I played as the hunter for over a year and thought it was already over powering. I don't mind how the light drains faster and doesnt have the distance it used to have. But being able to rain death has been a challenge. I maybe land 1 a day now where I was able to get at least 1 a match if not more. I think it needed to be toned down a little but not as bad as you guys made it. DFA makes the game fun. I almost wish the game had where we could just fight the hunter and not have to deal with the nest.
  15. I think that we need a medium between what used to be the grab distance for DFA and what you have made it now. The only other complaint I had was fixed already on the sense ability. Thanks tech. Love the game