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  1. A few things I think are exploits in my opinion. Correct me if I'm wrong. SURVIVOR: 1. Crouch, Kick, shoot arrow from ranger bow makes the arrows come out really fast. A nest spawn can be destroyed in about 5 seconds or less. 2. I've seen several Survivors swing a heavy weapon really fast. Almost like the repair slice glitch still works for a heavy. Not sure how they do it though. 3. Backwards and sideways sliding. 4. Horde flying through the air to explode on you no matter how high up you get. HUNTER: 1. Ghost Claw - Using the tendrils to claw multiple times in rapid succession. (Kind of like repair slice for Humans) 2. Performing a UV Heal after a missed GP. The hunter shouldn't be able to UV heal to escape a missed GP. It makes the penalty for a missed GP non existent.
  2. Vallon he is actually serious. This guy plays on default sensitivity for hunter. He doesn't tendril Sprint or use any of the fancy moves pros like you use. We flawlessed his Apex last time he invaded. The only humans he can win against are noobs. Alex (flyingscot) I wasn't agreeing with you. I was at a loss for words by your ridiculous comment.
  3. Smh
  4. Spits need to regen slower in 3v1 and 4v1. UV light range needs to be increased a little. Spit explosion radius needs to be decreased a little. UV heal needs to be disabled when hunters miss a Ground Pound.
  5. Edit to my first post!!! The UV light intensity nerf was needed. The UV light reach needs to be returned to how it was before this recent patch.
  6. 60+ spits in one 15 min match is getting ridiculous.
  7. My opinion the DFA and UV Light blinking nerf was needed. I'm glad those where implemented. The UV light intensity, cooldown penalty, and the rate at which spits recharge in 2v1, 3v1, and 4v1 need to be returned back to the way it was before this patch. I also think the radius of the spit explosion needs to be minimized some, but not to where it was before patch. I've been playing this game since release and have well over 2k hour logged. I also own the largest FB group dedicated to DL with over 12k members. Alot of the members feel the same about the recent patch.