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  1. what i would like to see is assorted crops.....most games you get corn(maize), sugar beets , potato canola wheat and sunflower....sometimes soybeans....what about sorghum , rye oats rice barley etc....it would be great to have more choices in the game.....thanks
  2. i've noticed that death for animals is above 90, after their time is up , do they just disappear off your farm? can this be turned on and off in game....also will the crops wilt if they stay in the field too long? thanks
  3. thanks for the response,
  4. around $ 45 dollars , thanks for the response
  5. thanks for the response, but i live in the states and i'm not sure how much 36 euro is in dollars....
  6. Maybe i missed it but what is the price of this game? P Cs ....thanks
  7. one more thing, do you have a mod page or a modding area to get more mods for your game? thanks again
  8. hi, i have been looking over your machinery/equipment for the game, will there be any John Deere, Case IH , New Holland etc added in the future or is this just a partial list? thanks