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  1. I disagree to a point and here is my thinking- Let's assume that the fuel you order on your tablet is the same as calling a Tow Truck or Triple AAA (Or whatever the local farmers use in the regions depicted)- this would have someone come out to refuel you and hence the "More cost" reason. It would be great to see a small fuel truck come by and fuel you up- but even if not you can still role play this is what is going on. A big part of most simulator games is role play- you are assuming the role of something or someone. You can easily carry this further and "Role play" said refueling. JMO
  2. For me Steam is the only way to go as I travel the world between the US and Germany- plus it is easier for me to maintain the games for my live streams and Let's Plays if everything is placed in one easy area.
  3. So looking forward to a new and refreshing farm sim game to bring to my channel- What I am most excited for is the variety of fruit types and greenhouses- oh yes the greenhouses!