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  1. it is true that the patch and another patch only makes things worse, but I still have a little faith in this game I will wait and see that this is fixed for Monday would also be good another compensation for the damage. To all our games saved and lost achievements ,,,, come on we can be something better do not lose what you barely got
  2. I'm scared of the patch, I downloaded it today but I still do not dare to play it after seeing so much clutter in the xbox game although it's right I think they are not testing the patch on consoles and they cast it like a dog bone I hope they fix this for Monday because today or tomorrow I think it can be something unless you punish the programmer with overtime hahaha
  3. if exactly they are incomplete and cheap in development and I give you the reason for the issue but do not ask the developers about the console how to fix things, my english apology is bad only spanish
  4. Si lo se disculpame
  5. sorry you have to learn to respect the opinion of each person, since you did not buy the game or give to each person therefore everyone has a different opinion about this game simulator sorry if it bothers you even if I did not say it was bad if not incomplete like all games on the console and if I'm going to save you words I do not have a PC and I do not have money for one so I play on the console before you go out with that one good day assasin up to where only one beta for pc no console up to where only one beta for pc no console
  6. No amigo claro que no lo es ,,,, only for consoles will always be so believe me even though it is a good game but funny because it has its counter as we see the patch for xbox and I will give you another result while enjoy what is a garbage is the real farm god is terrible this is in middle of the two farming 17 and real farm
  7. this holy week is good that haha, (and worse things will come jajajajjaa will take a very long time to polish well the game consoles understand believe me do not ignore me will see that it is good game but still needs a lot is the first to make this company so I hope that by the end of the year it will improve to 80%, although in October the new farming will be launched. Think about it and just enjoy what is left of this game of life.
  8. a quick patch for console hahaha there to see how the game goes with all this
  9. thanks it seems that the game is going well with this patch, waiting for patch xbox I hope to see those big changes to finally play again
  10. Pues no deverias tener errores por que ya ahi asta un parche para esos detalles mira el foro en problemas de bugs ahi talves encuebtres la solucion te invito a que leeas todo usando el copi past para el traductor google yo asi me alimento de informaciĆ³n cualquier duda me avisas y te ayudo deja checarlo por ti si gustas
  11. Gracias james
  12. sincere friend I will be but the game simulator games in console compared to pc are and always stay as if it were. betas other pole in alpha phase could not even give light to the board xbox ps4 is the same limitation the same is still a good game entertaining
  13. I did not realize that he did not give me the package of t-shirts of the brands only about three nomas believe that this game is solved in xbox