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  1. good question friend I hope in these months give us much more vital information of the game
  2. good day friend, well look this game I also hope it is better or equal to fs17 I think both will be in the big market but it is always good to give the opportunity to new games new creative companies so my friend have almost two months to save and buy it I have many good hopes in this game and I will bet everything for puree farming 2018
  3. fabulous I am very impatient to see more content, for example see the function of mod as it will be, see the form of the missions, different details more machinery that will be added not very impressive until the moment open and wait to see how it is optimized in console
  4. the disc version maybe depends on the stores I personally prefer to digitally so I have it and I would never lose it or the album would be scratched but it is the preference of each one I imagine that in a few weeks before the release it will be for pre order physical
  5. It's fine Thank you, and now we wait for the game to see how it's going, its faults and its good as well and especially enjoy the game with others already eager to have it ... I have a question because they only opened. beta for pc and not on consoles ?? I expected an open beta to test the game on xbox !!