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  1. Bombers still teleporting to roofs and other high buildings.
  2. Click Document > Open Map > Choose Map you desire to load. As for the Dev Tools stopped working issue, that is just a common issue. Do not close it once it pops up and let it load then you should be just fine after a minute or two.
  3. I know there is already a ladder system in place for Dying Light, however, we can not see it. Could the devs make it possible so we could see our ELO (Ladder Rating), GXE (How likely someone is to win based on their W/L ratio), and see others' ratings or see who is at the top of the leaderboard and whatnot?
  4. In a 4v1, the Hunter regenerates spits every 20 seconds. So, for example, if a match lasts exactly 12 minutes or 720 Seconds, the Night Hunter generates 36 spits (x2 since there are passive and aggressive spits) or a total of 72 spits. The amount of spits is overkill hence why most people on this thread agree that the regen times need to be reduced (:
  5. Here is an example of the side dropkick. Dodge registers as a jump which is why you can dropkick like this.
  6. I second this. 0.02 or 0.03 increase would be sufficient for those modes. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about cooldowns in 4v1 and 3v1 though since you typically have a team to help cover you. However, I think 2 flares in 1v1 would be better with the values I posted earlier. Cooldown for using flares should be on par with the regen times of spits though if they do decide to decrease the cooldowns. For example if a UV Spit takes 20 seconds to regen, then flare should take about 20 seconds to regen or slightly shorter than 20 seconds.
  7. Yes. It does take skill. With this update DFA requires more planning, timing and setup. When you outplay the hunter you get rewarded with an instant kill for outplaying them. Pounce works the same way. All it takes is literally a tap of the UV light to block a pounce so when a hunter can get a successful pounce, they typically have outplayed a player or group, therefore they have been rewarded with an instant kill. If a survivor doesn't dodge a tackle and another human gets stunned because of it and then pounced, they have been outplayed and in return they lose a life. If a survivor dodges a tackle on a roof and then rains death, they have outplayed the hunter and have been rewarded for it. So yes, they both do require a level of skill and that is what makes it good. What is not fair is when players can just sit on a van and wait for a hunter to miss a tackle and then animation lock the night hunter and rain death. Also the Night Hunter is supposed to be a feared mutation. Not just something humans can pushover with ease. So yes, BTZ being a challenge is a good thing. It requires higher skill now and people will adapt and improve their gameplay. It is fitting for the Night Hunter to be challening, and it gives a much higher level of satisfaction if you come out on top. "And by the same measure, if humans are overpowered then hunters should enjoy the challenge of winning 1 game in a thousand against weaker playing survivors." it is not fun losing that much. If it were like that, no one would play due to frustration, and if you haven't seen it yet, a lot of players have quit playing. Neither side should have a major advantage over one another. As I said before, I stick by what I stated should be fine tuned so it is more balanced. The current patch doesn't make hunter undefeatable. I have played several apex predators over the weeks and won just fine with varying amounts of players. Even flawlessed a few the past couple of days. As it stands right now, I believe the game is much better than it was and it will be much more balanced if they just fine tune this to fix a few issues.
  8. Telebombers are still an issue. The bombers teleport to the player sometimes no matter where they are. I believe this is an issue with their spawn locations, their aggression towards the targeted player, or both combined.
  9. It isn't really a bug, don't think it would be exactly easy to patch either. Its just dodging and then dropkicking but you keep the momentum from the dodge. They would actually have to do something to the normal dropkick in source code most likely to deal with this. To dropkick you have to press W and E while sprinting. If you dodge, and then press W and E while still holding sprint it registers as a dropkick still because dodge is a form of jumping in Dying Light, it just has a value of 0 when jumping which gives it the dodge effect.
  10. After playing the new patch over the past few weeks and comparing it to the meta before patch, I believe this update was very much needed. The Night Hunter was a pushover pre-patch and now it actually gives a challenge to the survivors(Which I am sure is why a lot of people dislike this patch) . DFA campers and monkeys are still running around but it isn't as common anymore. DFA was a huge issue before when people could camp, and just animation lock the Hunter so they couldn't block it. Just like a successful pounce, dfa requires a level of skill now, not just blind luck. On the human side of things, it is much more fun for me. The gameplay actually gives me a challenge and I feel more accomplished whenever I can pull off a dfa or other good kill. The new patch also brings the viability of other items up, such as the Shield. With spits being as good as they are now, it is really useful since spitting + animation locking to guarantee a spit hit is more prevalent now than ever. This patch just needs a little bit of fine tuning and it will be great in my opinion. As others have stated, the spit regeneration time needs to be nerfed. I'd suggest the following times; •1v1: 60 Seconds •2v1: 50 Seconds •3v1: 40 Seconds •4v1: 30 Seconds The only other issue I have with the patch is the one flare in 2v1 and higher. 3v1 and 4v1 is fine with one flare. However, I feel as if 2v1 needs a second flare or the flare times need to be increased in 2v1 or decrease UV Spit durstion in 2v1. Currently you are heavily reliant on a teammate in 2v1. So if they die and then they take at least 8 seconds to respawn (unless you are down by quite a bit), you are pretty much dead if you get UV Suppressed. The Hunter can literally just wait out the flare since you only have one and the UV Suppressant lasts longer than a Zaid Flare, so it is a free kill for the Hunter kf they just spit lock you. For the 2v1 Flare Issue I'd recommend this; •Change the consumption rate to 0.99 instead of 1.0 so you have access to two flares but you have to wait quite a while if you want to avoid the cooldown timer on flares. Overall, this was a great patch. (:
  11. My most recent compilation of kills in BTZ. Hope you guys enjoy it. (: