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  1. Nice AdFly links ...
  2. Unfortunately you need the following :/
  3. 2 solution : Disables invasions in the settings of your game ^^
  4. Develop a game after we'll see .....
  5. The app is here :
  6. Hello , you can verify the cache of the game . Go to Steam --> Righ click on Dying Light --> properties --> local files --> check the integrity of the game files Wait and try in game .
  7. There are already a thread for say this .
  8. Because new players don't know a lot of the game and dont have good weapon . So , its very easy for this patched NH to win against these people .
  9. I think if you increase the stats of the NH you can increase the rewards that we get (for example in 1v1 a gold weapon if the human wins, ect ......) OK , more difficult but more rewards ^^ I also suggest that only players who have reached half the story and who are in the Old Town can be invaded or be the NH
  10. Wrong section
  11. You know , its very difficult to code a game . But you can hope one day .........
  12. C'est un forum anglais et écrit mieux au passage c'est a peine lisible .
  13. Mail sent Good Night , Good Luck
  14. Joues-tu sur steam ? Puis je te ferais remarquer que c'est un forum anglais ^^