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  1. Thank you for that info
  2. If that is true about 1 flare the people I play against are cheating cus they can throw 2 each if not more
  3. Fist i start with flare spamming my recommend use set it so you can only use 3 flare every 30sec or maybe even only 2 and that still will not resolve the problems as 4 people can use 12 in 30sec but will just help. 2ed I don't think that humans drop kick should do so much damage as they no way to slow them down like the zombie. And also so don't think they should be able to spam it as alot of people are using to move fast. 3ed why is they no way to dodge dropkick as all you need is 1 or 2humans spamming it and ur dead 2/3 hits Thank you for creating this amazing game just wish zombie mode was more balanced