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  1. Hey everyone, Towards the end of last year we asked for your feedback on the general balance of Be the Zombie mode. We were hearing that you felt the Night Hunter was underpowered, but we wanted hear your specific points on what you'd like to see us change. Thanks for all of your input - based on what you told us we have made some changes to BtZ. These changes are now live: Drop Attack (AKA 'Death from Above') Height required increased Grab distance reduced UV Flashlight Distance reduced (in 2 vs. 1 to 4 vs. 1 matches) Cool down time increased Initial cost increased (so that flicking the flashlight on and off repeatedly drains it more quickly) Spits Explosion radius increased Explosion delay reduced Effect duration for Control The Horde and Light Disable increased Cool down times decreased (in 3 vs. 1 and 4 vs. 1 matches) Survivor Sense Night Hunter now appears on Survivors' mini-map(s) for less time Misc. Auto-balance reduced overall. We hope these changes make Btz even more enjoyable for everyone and, of course, please let us know what you think. James
  2. Hey everyone, Here's the first in a new series of videos we are working on, taking you a little deeper on some of the mechanics in Pure Farming 2018. Time management is very important in our game. Many tasks can be completed instantly via your tablet, but it usually costs more than firing up a machine and doing the job yourself. This applies to fuel management -- keeping your machines topped up with regular visits to the gas station will save you money vs. refueling using your tablet. Let us know what you think and look out for more videos coming soon.
  3. Hey everyone, quick update for you: today we’ve returned Survivor Sense to how it was before this update. We really appreciate all of the feedback you’ve given us since the update and we’re reading all of it very closely. Balancing an asymmetrical game mode like BtZ is a challenge, but your input helps us immensely, so thank you. Right now we’re reviewing everything you’re telling us, and we’ll of course keep you informed of any more changes as a result.
  4. Great to hear it, thank you. We'll be sharing more info on the game modes very soon, and then details about mods will come at some stage after that. Stay tuned!
  5. Hi Kareem, sorry you've been having problems with this. Please send an email to our support team at support@techland.pl so that they can help you out.
  6. Welcome to the official Pure Farming forum! This is a place for you to to exchange opinions and thoughts about Pure Farming as we get closer to release on March 13, 2018 - and beyond. As the forum grows we will add sub-topics depending on what the community needs. Just a few rules before you dive in: Be civil. Address others as you would like others to address you. Respect the staff and other posters. No profanity, insults, and harassment are allowed under any circumstances. Stay on topic. If you wish to discuss something off-topic, start a thread in a proper section of the forum, or use private messages. Before starting a thread, use the search function to check if your concern/question has already been discussed. Be constructive. We welcome any feedback, even negative, as long as it's constructive. Always substantiate your position with arguments. Remember that being constructive and civil improves the visibility of your posts with our staff. Keep your posts meaningful. Do your best to add to the discussion. In a vast majority of cases posts like '+1', 'LOL', etc. are not considered meaningful contributions. Also, while no one is going to ban you for walls of text or spelling errors, running a quick spell-check and proper paragraphing will do wonders for the reception of your posts. Be responsible. You are a member of a community. You provide content for others. If you notice any harmful practices, please report them to a moderator or a community manager using provided report function. This forum is moderated and frequently viewed by Techland staff members who will react to any violations of the above rules. Bear in mind that these are just guidelines for proper behavior on the forums and are by no means exhaustive. Refer to your common sense and remember that the moderators and community managers are the last instance in unsettled disputes.
  7. Hey there, we will be supporting mods - and we'll be sharing news soon on exactly how that will work. This is a partial list and we are always talking to new manufacturers to get them on board. We're also planning to add new machines after launch. So while we can't mention brands that we are still in discussions with, we can tell you that's we're adding more to the game all the time. The game will be available on disc for all platforms on the same day - March 13, 2018. You'll be able to buy it at all the usual good retailers.
  8. Update your game and go to your Quartermaster to get the free Gun Silencer Blueprints — which have been added to Dying Light by popular demand. The silencer doesn’t break and it has no cool down, so you can use it as much as you like. It does require special Subsonic Ammo, which you can find by looting police vans around Harran.
  9. Hey everyone, I’ll get to the point: We hear that many of the top Be the Zombie players think it could be better balanced. We want to make things better, but first we need to properly understand what changes you want to see. So we want your input on the overall balancing of BtZ. Below I’ve listed some of the variables that determine the balance of BtZ. These are things that we can either decrease or increase without necessarily needing to release a new patch. We’d like you to reply on this thread with: The top three things you think we should increase. The top three things you think we should decrease. I appreciate that you will have other suggestions for bigger changes or additions but please, for the time being, stick to what we’ve laid out here. It will really help us get a clearer picture of how you feel about BtZ. Thank you for your input and your support. Here are the variables: HUMAN UV Flashlight Damage to Night Hunter Duration Cool down time Flares Cool down time Drop attack Height required Grab radius (how close to the NH you need to be to land a Drop Attack) Grappling Hook Stamina cost Cool down time NIGHT HUNTER Damage Tackle Ground Pound Claw Spits Effect duration Cool down time UV Block Effect duration Cool down time WEAPONS (Note: damage to Night Hunter and damage to Nests are separate variables). Short knife One-handed Small two-handed Large two-handed Dropkick Pistols Rifles Arrows Crossbows
  10. Hey everyone, thanks so much for your feedback so far. I haven't been replying to each of you because right now we just want to gather the feedback and listen to what you have to say. But everything will, of course, be taken into account and we'll keep you updated on what happens next. Thanks again for all the support of our game.
  11. Hi there, first thing to do is check yours and your friend's network ports as in this article - http://support.techland.pl/support/solutions/articles/4000043616-network-ports-used-by-steam-psn-xboxone If that doesn't help, feel free to create a ticket with our support team at the same page so they can help you out.
  12. Hey guys, we certainly don't have anything definite to share at the moment. If it happens in the future then we'll be sure to let everyone know.
  13. Hey there, sorry to hear you've been having troubles. Take a look at these articles on our support site to see if they help you guys get up and running - http://support.techland.pl/support/solutions/folders/4000012739 If not, then please feel free to contact our support team at the same page so they they can help you out.