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  1. Hi, I just want to update my post, today i have received the sooty snowman and the candy crusher but i still didn't receive the Santa's helper outfit. During the event i have collected all 8 types of candy and the bounty said that its complete but i went to my outfit but i still didn't receive the Santa's helper. PLZ Help.
  2. I also play dying light on my xbox one
  3. Hi everyone, Hopefully Techhland. I have participated in the sharing is caring event and i have done both bounties for the candy crusher and the sooty snowman but i still didn't get them yet. I'm always active on the game and i play it daily but i don't know if this is a bug or what but hopefully i receive my rewards soon. The only one thing i got is the x-mas party outfit from Gemly but the candy crusher and the sooty snowman i still didn't receive so i really hope that u guys can fix this bug so i can receive my rewards. P.S (sorry for being late). Kareem
  4. well im playing on my XB1 so i cant mod or anything plus there is no wall run skill??!!
  5. Thx! sorry for being late.
  6. Hi techland, I was just wondering if u guys can add some new parkour moves to make the game more awesome, maybe a front flip or a back flip would be great! or maybe a quick wallrun or so. you guys at techland can figure it up, but i really hope that new parkour skills or move would be introduced to the game! Sincerely, Kareem
  7. i bought dying light when it first came out but after a year DL:the following enhanced edition came and it comes with the original dying light. if i want to buy the enhanced edition what will i do with my old dying light since the enhanced edition already comes with the original dying light?