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  1. Some mod menus can rank you up instantly, or you can even download a save off nexus mods. But if your looking for a legit way to get back your rank you can either ignore what other people are saying and take the handful of matches you actually can play, or have a friend play against you and let you win until you are back up to apex.
  2. Not even just infinite uv light. About half the playerbase has decided to use a dev menu to create their own balance, like making drop attacks easier, giving themselves more flares, etc. I know someone that is so upset about the changes that hes going out of his way to try and restore the old values. A lot of people have adapted to the changes and made new playstyles, but don't find it fun at all because they always have to be a sweaty try hard in order to beat a hunter fair and square, even if their a lower rank. We have given them our thoughts and ideas and i'm sure by now they have read through all the comments on this post. All we can do atm though is grow a pair and deal with it and wait until an update comes out.
  3. improvments

    I thought of a pretty cool idea for dying lights be the zombie mode so friends can challenge each other and be competitive. A friends leader boards system. A chart that can: show you your kill/death ratio and win/lose ratio while playing as human and hunter Show your favorite attack to use (Humans drop kick, death from above, 1 handed, 2 handed, etc. And hunter spit, ground pound, tackle, etc.) Show how many kills you get using certain actions or items (Bludgeon, blade, 1 handed and 2 handed) For humans it could show how many kills you got using a Death from Above, drop kicking, etc. And for the hunter it could show how many kills you got using pounces, tackles, spits, etc. Can also have tabs for kills, deaths, wins, and loses, most kills using a certain action, etc. To see who is dominant in which skill, or even who loses the most and could use some improvement. There's nothing to be ashamed of! I came up with this idea because i always wonder where i stand skill-wise in general and with my friends and would love to try and become the best on my friends list, or see what i need to improve on. If your really feeling up to it you could even go as far as making a global leader board.
  4. We are well aware of this and encourage them to take their time so we can have the best results. We hope they are at least taking our thoughts and ideas into consideration, good and bad and can meet halfway to please everyone. Until then we will try to learn new strategies to fend off the night hunter and his new buffs.
  5. Some of these are not a bad idea, and some are completely unnecessary. Some of these changes do need to be made because playing as the human is way too hard, and is a huge turn off for new players to give the human side of BTZ a try, drastically lowering the number of humans to invade. Tons of these new players then decide to go give the zombie side a try, drastically increasing the numbers of hunters and making it a battle for who can invade first due to the lack of humans to invade. Most players with a fair bit of skill have stopped playing as the hunter because it was too easy and doesn't require any skill to secure a victory, transitioned to playing as a human, found out it was too hard to win as human, and gave up on the game entirely because it required too much effort to play and they couldn't play for fun and enjoy BTZ for what it was anymore, thus decreasing the overall players playing dying light. -Hordes definitely should NOT spawn in the humans mini-map radius. This definitely needs to change. -The amount of hordes that spawn in isnt very bothersome. Stay calm and collected, keep the hunter at bay and you should be fine to get up to high ground before the hordes can reach you. -The recharge rate of spits, mainly for 4v1 and 3v1 do need to change. -Yes, i agree 100% that you should not take full damage while in an animation. So many times i would get a fair dropkick on the hunter in hopes to put distance between us so i can get away, only to be hit by a bomber and pretty much ruin the plan completely. -Claw distance should be reduced a tad bit, and maybe remove the stagger and reduce the knock back. The claw attack is supposed to be intended for finishing off humans at low hp, not full on boxing them. -Tackles from the side and behind aren't that big of a problem. Playing on high sensitivity does counter this, so give it a try. -Tackles already require a running start to be able to be performed. Making the humans need a running start to perform a dropkick however would make the drop kick attack useless, as it could easily be countered by the hunter by tackling the human while getting the running start. -Tendril speed should not be changed at all. It does take practice and a bit of skill to get tendril sprinting 100% down. -Hunter pounce is fine where it is. Again, playing with high sensitivity can easily counter it. -UV heal needing 2 UV blocks isn't too bad of an idea. It would definitely reduce the amount of hunters cheesing the uv suppressor uv heal strategy, which is atm a little op thanks to the spit/uv block regen times. -Drop attack height isn't what needs to be changed. They need to bring back the grab distance. All the hunter has to do is take a step forward and they can get away from a DFA. and if you read my previous post, auto coursing will also mess you up because you have to be on top of the hunter (dead center) to perform a DFA.
  6. The hunter doesnt get punished at all because he can get back in the fight in less then 10 seconds. In that time the player would have maybe 2-3 spawns killed in the nest if your playing with 2-3 other people. If playing alone you might not even be able to kill a spawn before the hunter can get back.
  7. We aren't complaining about the spit explosion delay and reach buff. We arent happy about the cool down buff. A hunter shouldn't be shooting 70 spits in 20 minutes, 1v1 or 4v1. What we really aren't happy about is hunters constantly abusing horde spits because of the teleporting bomber bug giving them cheap and easy kills. What we fail to understand is why they took away our way of easily killing the hunter in 1 hit, but gave the hunter many more ways to easily 1 hit the humans, whether it be spamming spits and hoping for a uv suppress to hit for a pounce, or landing a horde spit and hoping a bomber will magically kill the human on a rooftop or mid air. The hunter has infinite lives, and can easily get back into the fight in less then 10 seconds after dying, and really isn't punished for being killed. Whereas humans die easily now, and the whole point of the human role is not to die.
  8. Even if i land right on top of the hunter, and i mean dead center, ill miss because all the hunter has to do is take a step forward and you will miss which is bull chupacabra. As for 60 spits in 30 minutes, thats nothing. Me and a few friends played a hunter that let out 76 spits in 20 minutes.
  9. The height increase to be able to pull off a dfa was definitely needed, but reducing the grab reach definitely was going too far. Auto coursing (auto aim for soft landings) still exists and because of it landing dfas is almost impossible to do because most of the time your being thrown away from the hunter.
  10. update

    So after playing the game after the btz update for a couple weeks, i have a few things to say. -The DFA nerf was a necessary nerf, It never felt good to just jump off a bus and pull off a DFA, but reducing the grab distance needed for performing a DFA might have been going too far. Auto coursing (Automatically moving the player towards a soft landing such as a car) is still a thing and it is very frustrating to be robbed of a DFA because the game wants to throw you away from the hunter, rather then allowing you to sit on top of him and ready yourself for a DFA, and makes DFAs near impossible to pull off. -Spit buffs. Im not entirely sure about this one. I wouldn't have a problem with it if the telebomber glitch was patched. I think that should be #1 Priority at this point. The uv suppressor spit can easily be countered if your playing with a good teammate. Toxic spits need to be nerfed heavily. The amount of ground they cover and the amount of damage they do is absurd. 4v1 the hunter can have possibly over 5 toxic puddles around the players, making is very difficult to move around and fight the hunter because your battling against not stepping in it more then your fighting against the hunter, and the hunter coming and trying to tackle and slam you into the toxic doesn't help. Sense suppressor spits, lets be honest. These are not effective at all. Their easily countered by having good headphones/surround sound, or having good teammates with good communication. The weapon scaling nerf for 2v1s. This was needed, don't get me wrong. but its annoying and obnoxious to hit the hunter and constantly have him getting away with 3 hp. Simple counter to this is always carrying a gun on you, so not too bothered by this. The main problem with this is throwing your 2 handed weapon doesn't 1 hit anymore, and unless the hunter misses a gp, your almost never gonna land a 2 handed throw. my main way for punishing the hunter for missing a gp was tackle then throw a 1 handed, which usually killed him, but now it leaves him with what im guessing is 3-6 hp left, which is very annoying. This nerf was needed, and allows for 2 people to actually work together, and not have 1 carry the other to victory. The uv light nerf was completely unnecessary to be honest. flickering the uv light never really hurt the hunter that much anyways. nerfing it for 3v1 and 4v1 is understandable, but in 1v1 and 2v1 situations, you cant keep the hunter grounded long enough to be able to get a kill on him. Its not worth the effort to try and get the hunter to 0 energy anymore, its only good to keep him from being able to pounce you. Additional things: The amount of virals and goons that spawn in on a nest is absurd. sometimes in 1v1s and 2v1s up to 4 goons will spawn on a single nest, and we can never catch a break from the virals around it either. This definitely needs to be changed. Auto coursing was mentioned before in the DFA nerf, but i honestly feel like this game mechanic needs to be removed from the game entirely. Even playing the pve side of the game its so annoying to deal with. There is also a bug in the game where during invasions, i cant walk through teammates. This needs to be patched because it makes big issues with teamwork.\ In conclusion, with this update, winning as the zombie isn't rewarding in any way and allows for noob hunters with little skill to take down a group of well experienced players with ease, and playing as the survivor honestly isn't fun anymore.
  11. Mans got a good point. Plus most legend lvl 250s cheated their way up to that level anyways. It really isn't hard. I see people with less than 100 hours in the game at legend lvl 250 all the time.
  12. matchmaking

    So i'm a dying light player with roughly 200 hours on the game with little knowledge about the BTZ game mode or other known as the PvP side of the game. When i play as the NH, i'm either getting matched with people with over 1000 hours in the game, or someone that just bought the game and has maybe 10 hours max. And when i'm a survivor taking invasions, its the same concept. I'm never getting matched with people at my skill level. I'm getting sick and tired of the matchmaking with people over 1000 hours, and i just feel bad playing against people who have absolutely no idea whats going on. I mean, whats the point in having ranks if they aren't gonna be used in how you match with other players? Another problem i have while playing as the survivor is having a hunter join in multiple times after beating me to farm as much exp as possible, or just to be a total chupacabra and troll me. This mainly happens when i'm playing with multiple people, and it really gets on my nerves because sometimes i want to play with other people and learn how to deal with other types of play styles, rather than playing against someone with the same one over and over again. Techlands, if you see this post, please do something about it.
  13. Is there any way we can see a proper anti cheat engine in dying light? This program has come out called "Infinity" which allows players to mod and cheat in their game and it is being abused in dying light pvp and for some reason VAC security wont detect it. 90% of the time for some reason i cant report them on steam, and it will say an error has occurred. (Not like they will do anything about it). This is possibly also the reason matchmaking in BTZ with VAC secure game on is near impossible. Can something please be done about this?
  14. This man is Insane, trying to pick a fight in the patch notes comments. This is not the place for arguments and toxicity. If you got a problem with another player, take it to the game or the steam comments section, not a forum where the devs are looking for feedback about the game.
  15. First of all, what you said at the end was completely unnecessary. Second, i have about 500 hours in the game, playing all 3 pve, survivor pvp and playing as the night hunter in pvp. you dont need 1500 hours to know the pvp side of this game inside and out. Yes, some games seemed too easy. DFAs were too easy to pull off, but nerfing the survivor sense and buffing the time for a spit to explode AND increase the distance of the spits explosion, was way too much to make the game unbalanced. Increasing the time for uv disable and horde spits are also a bit unfair in scenarios with more then 3 survivors. If your team isnt well coordinated, the hunter can generate another spit before your light comes back, spit another uv disable spit at you, disable your flare and reset the time for the uv disable, and if your team isnt well coordinated, your fucked because your flare is still on cooldown and your light is gone. Sure, this patch will encourage players in groups to be way more coordinated, but honestly, not every player is capable, or even willing to watch their teammates back. This patch is also a pain because now if playing with a group, your entire teams play style will need to be completely changed. As for nerfing the survivor sense, survivor sense is damn well useless now. You use it to get an idea of where the hunter is and that's about it, and theres really no point of having the minimap there during invasions anymore. Hunters will most likely now NEVER use the sense suppressor spits because of this.
  16. Now i love dying light. I love techlands. But this patch is just unfair and unbalanced for the humans. I don't know why you guys thought this was balanced in any way shape or form. Humans were having a hard time enough as it was to play against really skilled hunters that actually knew what they were doing, and you guys went and made it even worse! This is insane. I find absolutely no enjoyment playing as the human anymore because of this patch. Go home! Your drunk!
  17. That would probably explain it then. I did do the main story on my friends save with her. Thanks for the feedback.
  18. So i was rank 10/12 (Ruthless) In Dying light, Be the Zombie as a survivor. took a break for about a week, come back and play a few pvp games, and when i rank up i see i'm a casualty now. Lost some games and won some, but there's no way i lost enough to derank to prey in roughly a day. Is this a bug in the game where peoples ranks are being reset, is it a punishment for taking a break, or is the ranks reset every season? This has happened to me a couple times, the last time wasn't as extreme though. Went from 4/12 (underdog) down to casualty. Please help, i am very confused.
  19. matchmaking

    Yeah i know several tactics to get behind and tackle easily, but they somehow still manage to dodge it.
  20. I also think that having the ability to turn on and off vac secure games should not be an option people have. No one plays with vac on because 90% of people in this game have a modded weapon/item of some sort and are afraid to have VAC on because they think they will get banned
  21. Is there a way to check your Kill/Death ratio and/or Win/Lose ratio in the Be The Zombie mode as the survivor and zombie? If not will there ever be a way to check added? I would love to know how well i am doing as the hunter and the human.
  22. matchmaking

    Idk i feel there should be some sort of counter to dodge spammers. I remember seeing some sort of a spike mutation that would do damage to the player for dodging a tackle on the forums, and the devs didnt think it was a bad idea, but i think that would be too much. Consistently tackling would be an easy kill if that were to exist.
  23. matchmaking

    Although another problem i have, which i'm sure many people can agree on, is dodge spamming. Its something that the zombie puts up with almost every game, and it can be really annoying because 90% of the time, it is near impossible to land a tackle on someone that is doing this. I think the survivors should have a tiny cooldown to dodging. It would encourage people to require more skill and timing to dodge a tackle, rather then spamming back and spacebar in hopes to dodge every tackle thrown at them. Another thing i really hope techlands will fix really soon, is the night hunter clipping and trying to climb up a hill when trying to jump on slanted ground like hills. I'm sure anyone that has played as the night hunter has experienced this issue. And maybe a better anti cheat system. Even with VAC on i still seem to encounter hackers when playing as the hunter.
  24. matchmaking

    Well that's the problem though. I'm an apex, and games that are matched 4-5 bars would be either a prey that has little to no experience. Or someone that sweats their balls off in pvp mode with 2k+ hours. I fought a guy with literally no experience, just got the game i'm guessing an hour ago, and he was a 4 ranking.