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  1. That would probably explain it then. I did do the main story on my friends save with her. Thanks for the feedback.
  2. matchmaking

    Yeah i know several tactics to get behind and tackle easily, but they somehow still manage to dodge it.
  3. So i was rank 10/12 (Ruthless) In Dying light, Be the Zombie as a survivor. took a break for about a week, come back and play a few pvp games, and when i rank up i see i'm a casualty now. Lost some games and won some, but there's no way i lost enough to derank to prey in roughly a day. Is this a bug in the game where peoples ranks are being reset, is it a punishment for taking a break, or is the ranks reset every season? This has happened to me a couple times, the last time wasn't as extreme though. Went from 4/12 (underdog) down to casualty. Please help, i am very confused.
  4. I also think that having the ability to turn on and off vac secure games should not be an option people have. No one plays with vac on because 90% of people in this game have a modded weapon/item of some sort and are afraid to have VAC on because they think they will get banned
  5. Is there any way we can see a proper anti cheat engine in dying light? This program has come out called "Infinity" which allows players to mod and cheat in their game and it is being abused in dying light pvp and for some reason VAC security wont detect it. 90% of the time for some reason i cant report them on steam, and it will say an error has occurred. (Not like they will do anything about it). This is possibly also the reason matchmaking in BTZ with VAC secure game on is near impossible. Can something please be done about this?
  6. Is there a way to check your Kill/Death ratio and/or Win/Lose ratio in the Be The Zombie mode as the survivor and zombie? If not will there ever be a way to check added? I would love to know how well i am doing as the hunter and the human.
  7. matchmaking

    Idk i feel there should be some sort of counter to dodge spammers. I remember seeing some sort of a spike mutation that would do damage to the player for dodging a tackle on the forums, and the devs didnt think it was a bad idea, but i think that would be too much. Consistently tackling would be an easy kill if that were to exist.
  8. matchmaking

    Although another problem i have, which i'm sure many people can agree on, is dodge spamming. Its something that the zombie puts up with almost every game, and it can be really annoying because 90% of the time, it is near impossible to land a tackle on someone that is doing this. I think the survivors should have a tiny cooldown to dodging. It would encourage people to require more skill and timing to dodge a tackle, rather then spamming back and spacebar in hopes to dodge every tackle thrown at them. Another thing i really hope techlands will fix really soon, is the night hunter clipping and trying to climb up a hill when trying to jump on slanted ground like hills. I'm sure anyone that has played as the night hunter has experienced this issue. And maybe a better anti cheat system. Even with VAC on i still seem to encounter hackers when playing as the hunter.
  9. matchmaking

    Well that's the problem though. I'm an apex, and games that are matched 4-5 bars would be either a prey that has little to no experience. Or someone that sweats their balls off in pvp mode with 2k+ hours. I fought a guy with literally no experience, just got the game i'm guessing an hour ago, and he was a 4 ranking.
  10. matchmaking

    So i'm a dying light player with roughly 200 hours on the game with little knowledge about the BTZ game mode or other known as the PvP side of the game. When i play as the NH, i'm either getting matched with people with over 1000 hours in the game, or someone that just bought the game and has maybe 10 hours max. And when i'm a survivor taking invasions, its the same concept. I'm never getting matched with people at my skill level. I'm getting sick and tired of the matchmaking with people over 1000 hours, and i just feel bad playing against people who have absolutely no idea whats going on. I mean, whats the point in having ranks if they aren't gonna be used in how you match with other players? Another problem i have while playing as the survivor is having a hunter join in multiple times after beating me to farm as much exp as possible, or just to be a total chupacabra and troll me. This mainly happens when i'm playing with multiple people, and it really gets on my nerves because sometimes i want to play with other people and learn how to deal with other types of play styles, rather than playing against someone with the same one over and over again. Techlands, if you see this post, please do something about it.