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  1. Hi all, how do you go about editing the game settings for a project? Things like the starting inventory items, levels, and what skills they can or can't unlock. I would like to disable leveling and start the player with the skills and blueprints needed for the map.
  2. If anyone has an idea as to why only 806 objects will generate previews when there are 7592 objects in the meshes folder I would love to hear it. Also if anyone else wants to share their previews folder with me that would be greatly appreciated, especially if there are DLC Previews.
  3. Thanks so much Doom, now I can actually build something.
  4. It's asking for a decryption Key.
  5. Yes, and even an entire new project. I just tried with a new project and map and it only generated 806 previews when it says there are 7592 objects in the meshes folder.
  6. Sorry for the late reply I was still at work. I'm home now and followed the steps provided in your quote, unfortunately after generating the previews it still shows a white image for most objects. Maybe this could be a confliction with 4k monitors?
  7. Oh sorry, I'll give it a try thank you.
  8. I can't tell if your trolling or not, but no it does not help. The goodies are not locked, it's just not displaying the objects preview image. So I have to select an object based solely on its name then place it on the map just to see what it is.
  9. I'm trying to build my first map but am getting VERY frustrated, 90% of the object previews will not load, forcing me to select a model and place it on the map just to see what it is and looks like. Does anyone have a solution to this? No matter what I do the images won't load.
  10. You say Global Envprobes as in plural? To my understanding you only need 1 GlobalEnv probe. Perhaps having multiple is causing conflictions.
  11. Wow, I can't believe I over looked that. Thanks for pointing that out!
  12. Hello all, recently I began trying to make some maps with the Dying Light Developer Tools, however I'm stuck and it doesn't seem to be user error. Perhaps someone could help me out? Every time I place an AI Spawner for example, it will appear where I click as it should. I can then edit it's properties using the Attributes window, but when I deselect the spawner it disappears. By this I mean it is no longer visible or selectable in the camera window, however in the objects window they are present and can be selected from there. The selected spawners become visible again in the camera window. I've checked my object filters and they are not being hidden or locked from selection. Here is a short video showing you what is happening for a better understanding. Hopefully there is a solution, it will be a pain in the chupacabra to edit spawners like this.