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    4/5/2018 Complete Details on Patch

  2. Gregu

    Dying Light PC tournament

    Gregu is a NM+ cheater smfh.
  3. Gregu

    put secial zombie

  4. Gregu


    no, die gta bad overhyped game
  5. Gregu

    Report Player Page

    Lmao, Keenan is only telling you how to avoid it, your complains here wouldn't matter since devs are not trying to fix cheating. I like playing against 2 hunters, alone, I know I won't win, but I find it fun. If it's gonna be fixed (which it most likely wouldn't be) I would be sad. I agree that they shouldn't invade random players, but it's a good challenge if you like it. Ps. Keenan is a weeb.
  6. Gregu


    I had 10 lives on last nest, then autobalance kicks in and I win with 2 lives left only. Very funny techland, 200m away nest, thanks.
  7. Gregu


    best patches 2018, where no one is happy
  8. Gregu

    Should Instant Tackle be brought back?

    Nice fu┬ęking logic, Pete. Because telebombers are 109348477575% skill and iTackle is 0% skill.
  9. Gregu

    Current state of BTZ PVP

    Why do you care about ''250 legend level with less than 100 hours in the game''? I know it's a lazy thing to do, I didn't do it, but, honestly, why do you care? ''Infinite medkits.'' Gp spam + claw or try to get behind the human and tackle, then gp after they get up, then claw right after gp, it's not much of a problem from my view (about 430 hours as human in PvP, and 135 hours as hunter). Learn new techniques, look for things you can use, make use of every situation, place or time. The crossbow damage reduction, removing iTackle and gp spit, was a horrendous idea, Pete Donnelly didn't think this through, now every human can easily dfa or 2 handed the hunter after easily evadeable tackle, I hate to use either 2 handed or dfa as human, it just takes so little skill now to play as human, which is retarded.
  10. Gregu

    Should Instant Tackle be brought back?

    Instant Tackle should be brought back, along with gp spit, I understand that gp Spit took almost no skill but, it's annoying when the hunter misses a gp. It's not hard to hit a gp, so it's not hard to hit a gp spit, at least it was like that back in the day... Doesn't matter if you remove gp spit or not, hunters will avoid aiming spits as much as they can. I try to aim spits whenever I can, but sometimes I will throw in a gp spit or a tackle spit. Human, in 1v1 is really easy nowadays. Here's an example at 59:00, the human won with 2 lives left, I imagine the hunter would win before patch, also if you're going to add Instant Tackle and gp spit back, add old crossbow damage back, I know there was an almost instant combo of tackle + crossbow + slice, but with Instant Tackle, hunter would be able to counter it. It was rewarding to hit a crossbow shot, true that 3 crossbows were overpowered, there should be a limit to 2 crossbows, in my opinion. I wish I got into the game earlier, not in the beginning of 2017, I only got ''good'' after the patch, which makes me quite sad really... Also, try to fix latency for the next game. I like how you take care of the exploits that made it actually more balanced, but not take care of infinie uv flashlights, infinite grappling hooks, infinite flares, and so on. There is this group which drops cheated/modded items to people, it should be terminated. And Bad Karma should get a ban on Be The Zombie mode really... That's all I have to say.