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  1. *Finger guns* aaahahahahahaha it don't hab servers
  2. Then why are you hording those fantasy weapons, sell them, throw them out or just scrap them.
  3. These particular changes brought me back into the game and to playing the survivor of course, due to almost every hunter being extremely meh since very rarely do I see any veteran playing anymore. And the best part is that when you see a bolter attempting to invade you for the 10th time in a row you just say f*ck it and completely demolish him to teach him what it means to fight against the wrong people. And by console I mean, that everything is ten times harder on that platform, the screen also looks like Crane is wearing some horse tacks.
  4. Come to PC and you will be making a thank you video.
  5. Step by step solution: 1. Press enter continue with pressing n and then o press enter again 2.Press ESC and click on Drop Out.
  6. How about you don't talk on the balancing threads anymore.
  7. With the lack of decent hunters recently this update made those meh hunters somewhat fun to fight.
  8. not slip

    Have fun waiting.
  9. You can do a blue shield on slums to refurbish your weapons. It appears after all shields are done on slums and only at a specific time of day.
  10. How do I get that oufit.
  11. matchmaking

    You need to learn how to move around the survivors to take advantage of their blind spots on where they can't dodge the tackle. Since you should've noticed by now that if you just run straight up to the survivor and attempt to tackle it's not gonna work unless the survivor is mentally disabled.
  12. If it's another survivor buff you might aswell keep it to yourself.
  13. Pete Donnelly ? More Like Pete Downly.
  14. "21. Can we remove the animations for the items/gear?...it's just stupid...in game that moves this fast switching to another item and still having the previous equipped because the animation hasn't caught up is frustrating. Having the previous wep/item gets old and i don't have that .5 sec to wait on animation to switch to the correct thing or I'm dead. there's no need to have those animated." Literally the most cancerous chupacabra in PvP atleast for me. Throwing a flare but then quickly needing to switch and oh look you threw another flare.
  15. lol I keep losing like 4 mil just because I keep dying to fall damage messing around.