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  1. Dude... you're the one whose triggered here and extremely hypocritical and a waste of time to talk to. I'm done here. Pointless to talk to some zombie action junkey.
  2. But hey you can always go back to those 'every other zombie games' because this one clearly doesn't suit your needs in terms of firearms.
  3. Your sniper rifles and silencers sound like it would be an easy mode to play the game. Plus watch some videos on youtube If this question still bothers you *videos regarding why snipers aren't a thing.
  4. God how ignorant can you be to not realise that I'm saying that firearms are trash in this game and NOT in my opinion overall in zombies games?... We're talking about this game and not your "every movie and every other zombie game". The main focus is melee so either accept it or get the f*ck out.
  5. The main focus of this game is melee, so you should get over the fact, that firearms are trash.
  6. Yes the UV is this crappy but yeah we can't complain all that much when the survivor is the stronger side. Though, sh*t hits the fan when you invade some scrubs with golden UVs then it's a fun match.
  7. 3 nests 10 lives and the uv flashlight is dogsh*t *clap* *clap*
  8. All of these ideas sound like they would nead their own separate mutations which would be great to get some new looks for the hunter. They could branch out after mutation 3 aswell like you have to go 1 2 3 but for say when you are at 3 you can choose one from 3 new ones which in my opinion wouldn't overload the hunter with lots of new abilities to use and still make him simplistic to use and play with.
  9. Even how you popped some meems on the video where you won against Visceral is just sad. How about you upload all the countless matches you lost against him aswell ?
  10. You are called Lametrix for a reason.
  11. You are so hilarious and hypocritical. Saying this " Funny thing about guys like you is that it doesn't matter for you when i beat you 4-5 times in a row in a serious match " . But uploading a win against Vallon 5 months ago after losing countless times. My routine changes with the type of hunter I face. Sadly I don't need to change anything when I fight against you because you are just an autistic little f*ck who is not capable of adapting to your enemy's playstyle. Even in your last video you were just missing your gp spits in the same way each time with only getting some strokes of luck. No one forced you to upload your matches. It's for the person himself to decide if he wants to upload or not. And since you do those videos are there for mentioning. You saying that in your previous matches you played "smarter" is a joke. You are not smart in any way, shape or form you are just capable of relying on glitches and exploits to win your matches and then you go around sucking Pete's d*ck saying that he did a good job by removing itackle. So I guess you wouldn't mind if he dealt with tendril claws, right? You spam that move like a little b*tch after everything else you do fails, which is extremely desperate. And I only took one nest after killing you and you being "afk" with your lame excuse of chatting to someone. That can wait just finish your match and get the f*ck out of the lobby.
  12. And it so happened to catch my eye when you won against Vallon yesterday and you did say gg to him. But when I won against you earlier the same day you just rushed off from the end game screen without a word. So what's up with that Mr.GoodIdeasForTheGame? One last thing. What's with the time gaps between each video. Is that how long it takes you to win against a decent survivor(-s) ?
  13. Hahaha. Who are you to talk about disabling DKs when its the only way to make you f*ck off with your tendril claws. You are just a cheap little hunter who goes on the same rotation with his attempts to kill. Uv spit + Uv heal > Locking the survivor on the ground with horde and if those 2 fail you just tendril claw the survivor to death. Go upload some more wins of yours where you consider that they are "worthy" of uploading.
  14. You don't shoot 1 bullet and then reload the whole clip.