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    IDEAS for 10 DLCs

    Personally I would love to see an expansion onto the be the zombie mode. I found myself playing in the sandbox tutorial more than the actual multiplayer sessions, other than the times my mate and I invaded each others game trying to hunt them down (which was enjoyable I might add). Seeing some additions to the sandbox tutorial section would be fantastic, like an offline component for example, against more npc types or even if possible a co-op mode inside it to allow a couple/ few friends to play together hunting down each other or teaming up to hunt down bosses? (if it's not too much work, probably asking for more than I should be grateful for ) Perhaps a greater depth to the progression of the skills (allowing you to unlock a separate skill tree offline maybe?), allowing deeper customisation and replay-ability if those of us like myself enjoy the variety of game modes in Dying Light but not the multiplayer side as much (not that it isn't good, personally I started losing interest in competitive multiplayer). Some others have suggested other zombie types as a great idea; like hounds/animals, etc. This could tie in nicely with be the zombie, adding greater selection of friendly companions to use against the enemy types (npc's & players on multiplayer) or enemies to kill for the opposite side. Someone also suggested somewhere, I think on Youtube, suggesting a zombie mode where you progress through different zombies types getting stronger versions as you progress; sounds very similar to gears 3 beast mode. Very enjoyable and I feel underrated part of that game. Had tons of fun smashing chupacabra up with a berserker. Any other improvements to the online part would no doubt please the players who enjoy streaming the mode. I'm more than happy to take what the devs give, more free dlc, no complaints from me. Just thought I would add my thoughts on what is probably the least developed part of the game, yet shows promise. Even if they save the idea for a sequel, if that day comes anytime soon!