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    IDEAS for 10 DLCs

    Wow, Lot of really great ideas, imagine that, from 50cal machineguns to snipers, rpgs, landmines or proximity IEDS or just plain c4, bayonets, more parkour moves, enemy vehicles with 50cals in them, helicopters (ikr), weapon attachments (like the attachable shotgun or grenade launchers), grenade launchers,mortars (like what?!), meat bait (I know that there are traps but they don't last long enough), more zombie types (ones that grapple you to them, silent (ninja) zombies, which can takedown the player when he is not looking, blocking or riposte? I think, lol great ideas people BTW I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH MY DYING LIGHT THE FOLLOWING ENHANCED EDITION , THE FOLLOWING DLC WONT SHOW UP IN THE MENU/PLAY HELP!