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  1. Ty so much
  2. Hello guys, first i should say sry for my really bad English, i hope you can understand this Text/Question My Problem is i farm now since 10-12h Gold Weapons with a Tutorial, sleep open 3 Hard Chests dont pick up the item if it isnt a Gold Weapon, and sleep again and open again the Chests, and i have opened x Police vans but i dont got a Gold Weapon I was playing now coop Story mission with a Player from Game and he gave me 1 Gold weapon but its a Crowbar modifed, my problem is i just like Machete/swords or other Gold weapons i really hate Crowbars and his dmg isnt really good, My Lila machete has more dmg. I would ask is a player here for trade Gold Weapon vs Gold weapon or other Items? It would be very nice if someone could help me, I honestly did not want to spend more hours trying to get a gold weapon. Sry again for my English My Psn is Hazebuster_1996 but i can add you too I play on Hard Mode Surviva 25 Agi 15 and Melee 22 ( idk this skill in English xD)
  3. I forget to say i play on Ps4 any my Psn is ,,Hazebuster_1996"
  4. First Guys thx four your help and really sry for my bad English I need help how to find gold weapons actually. I farm now since 10 H and not a gold weapon found. I have opened who knows how many heavy / very heavy chests and police vans but not one came out. I now farm 10 H with a tutorial where I find all Heavy Chests, but unfortunately no success. I play on heavy and am agility 16 strength 19 survive 25 and in the story 53%. I know I'll get gold weapons at Zombie invasion, but I do not like it, I just lose and get mostly Zombie opponents who are already fully trained. And i just have a Lila Sword, Sry again for my English i hope anyone could trade me a Gold weapon or help to get one I dont have Items who any Player need it, i just can give my lila sword or Bolter Liver for Following player or Bolter tissue
  5. Hello Guys, First i should say sry for my bad English i hope you can Understand my Question. My Poblem is i play on New Game Plus Hard Mode and i am Survival 25 and i dont got a Gold Weapon, my best weapon what i got is Lila and Merchants too sell just White,Green, Blue and Lila weapons. I opened so many Police vans or Chets with Hard/ Very Hard but i dont got 1 Gold or Orange Weapon i just get Blue/Lila. Thats why i would ask for a Trade, i have many Bolter Tissue and Bolter Livre or Dollar to get a Orange or Gold weapon, i know the most players need other Gold Weapons but the best weapon what i have is 1 Lila Skull Machete . I hope anyone can add me for a trade. and guys again, sry for my Bad English. ^^ My Psn is : Hazebuster_1996 (I can add too)