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  1. if someone kill hunter when he grab something that make them clipping with ground hunter fall from map and game crash
  2. When you press touchpad and circle many times. It gives more time for fallen humans to revieve
  3. not anymore hmm
  4. this game is designed for no hud playing. I play with hunter with no hud and its very fun. I sense humans with button for pounce (look like some shock wave that humans emits). and I need to stay in nests most of the time. that is real pourpose of hunter. to protect nests. not to fly in other side of map to kill some humans . maybe some community event with no hud for all
  5. yea that autobalance. somehow when I kill all team in beginning of the match then all game I have no spits and uv blocks for very long part of the game. in ps4 is terrible. no spits and uv blocks. no speed, no fast turning for tackle. ultimate survivors in ps4 are like terminators.
  6. in ps4 when human is killed from hunter in co-op they pause the game and counter for force kill stop working. other humans have infinite time to revieve fallen humans
  7. I think there is cheat for evading tackles. like this one before when animation of pounce start and human dissapear
  8. I see 30 fps only in ps4 pro. never see more than 30fps
  9. so what? play in PC to see what is cheats. hacked DFA, gold flares who kill nests and work 1 min, auto evade tackle, infinite uv, infinite hook, insta kill hunter, infinite energy and healt, and more and more. and techland cant do chupacabra about
  10. when hunter do claw tendril claw he claw very fast and interrupt humans actions. jumping claw and gp have strange ranges. even with longest weapon in game is hard to hit hunter when just jump and claw spaming. spikes are magnets for humans but not for hunter.
  11. game is slow in ps4 and if you want to gain speed need to do some timing tendril runs or hunter just stop lol. I was playing human few times and I realise something. In 3v1 I drain energy of hunter alone with a little more of half uv. This happen thanks to auto aim. That's why hunter get drain that fast because 2 or 3 or 4 humans auto aim with uv haha. Some of good humans use auto aim to shoot me with crossbow. I don't have other explanation how they shoot that good with this controller with this lag. Every game I join have lag, but game is so slow that is not look like lag. Look llike is normal AND pls pls pls patch this normal diff. Healing need to be gaining healt in time like HARD or NIGHTMARE, not instant. PLS patch this. This is online pvp not single player to gain 200 healt for 2 sec. In that laggy console versions with slow hunter its hard to finish some human who have 10 healt and gain 200 healt for no time !!!!!
  12. chalange in mortal kombat in DL
  13. I am PS4 VisceralVallonh3klukas
  14. no one care?
  15. I go to PS4 from PC and I see some very bad things. Why hunter is so slow. He cant tendril normal, he cant turn back faster or run in circle. I do ton of hits to human and he heal in NORMAL diff and...I need to do everything again. DUDES PLS PATCH PS4 version. I cant beat 4 ultimate survivors with that weak acid. I wait for answer