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  1. I generally agree with what you are saying about the guns. However, do you have any idea for possible damage increases for the weapons? One of my major concerns is that the majority of people nowadays have infinite ammo in their guns with no reloading whatsoever. Increasing the damage sounds for guns sounds like a good idea in general but i'm afraid of people abusing the modded guns to easily kill the hunter. Again, this may or may not be an issue but it is just a concern of mine. My idea is: Perhaps for guns with slower rates of fire (revolvers/shotguns) and slower reload times should output more damage due to these factors. Furthermore, proximity should play a factor for both guns in terms damage output as well. (I believe shotgun does more damage closer already) However increasing the damage input for automatic rifles is questionable to me. I feel as if the automatic rifles and smgs should have more recoil or something to prevent the human from just absolutely spraying the hunter to death with bullets... Something that would actually make them aim and take skill to fire with rather than just unloading a clip half haphazardly while the hunter is engaged with another human. As for the bow and crossbow, I agree with what you're saying. For example, impact bolts aren't truly special any longer because of the missing added damage that they once use to do. However, I'm skeptical about increasing damage ratios for the crossbow personally. I seem to be getting a decent number of kills with the crossbow as is in most games and i'm only using one due to the reload glitch. However, that doesn't mean I completely agree with the damage output from the crossbow as is. I more so agree with LucasK's judgement on crossbow damage and how it should be asymmetric depending on how many people are playing. - 1v1 = 50dmg - 2v1 = 40dmg - 3v1 = 30dmg - 4v1 = 25dmg This way, in 1v1, you'll be getting your 3 hit kill like before in 1v1 matches pre-patch. 40 damage makes sense in 2v1 because the hunter is still facing two humans with 1v1 melee damage against him. Obviously i'm not for returning crossbow damage to how it originally was but these damage scales seem to be a happy medium to me. Finally, elemental damage. Elemental damage should be brought back to the way it was. The only thing that needed a nerf was the tov+explosive arrow glitch. Other than that there weren't any complaints as it was before, at least I didn't see any and I've been playing for years. The elemental nerf limits the humans capabilities to what equipment he should or should not use. For example, items that are not commonly used such as freeze grenades and elemental throwing stars are completely useless now. Tovs are also useless now. I'm glad tovs got nerfed, but I didn't expect THAT big of a nerf to where they are completely useless. This means, people who want to use tovs in PVP can't be effective due to being nerfed. This goes for any other equipment that's elemental really besides toxic bolts.
  2. Instant tackle wasn't a huge a problem in team games IMO, however in 1v1, instant tackle can be extremely difficult to deal with. I'm talking about the i-tackles where the hunter lands against the wall and manages to launch another one really quickly while still in the air making it near unavoidable. I agree with you on the cool down part. Perhaps a larger cool down penalty in 1v1 and a smaller one in 3v1 and 4v1 would sound like a good idea.
  3. Hello everyone I recently thought of a rather interesting idea that deviates from the instant tackle debate or the ground pound spit concerns. This idea concerns the reward system after you win an invasion match as a human. I would like to hear what people think about this idea, so please, give your honest opinion if you would like to. The current reward system seems rather outdated/useless for most veteran players. Winning gold weapons after a match really isn't all that useful anymore due to most players having a huge player stash of weapons from invasion matches. For me personally and for the majority of players that I play with, all of them toss their won weapons immedietally after a match or just end up selling them. Typically, most veteran players have one or two weapons that they will use every single match because they personally prefer using that weapon during invasions rendering all other weapons they have in their stash/inventory pretty much useless. I feel as if the reward system needs to change so that winning an invasion match feels well... more rewarding. Since duping has been patched (thank you guys for patching it seriously) everyone must craft their own materials or get them from other people. In order to make this easier and for the game to feel more rewarding, instead of winning gold weapons from a match, why not a bunch of medkits/flares/equipment? I feel like this would match the upkeep for using these items during an invasion match. Or perhaps you could win a mix of weapons and equipment For example, the higher rank the hunter, the more items you would win. I haven't thought of the exact numbers though. However, I understand some of you might feel differently about this. It doesn't have to be exactly like how I said it, I just wanted to get the general idea out there, let me know what you guys think about this as I feel this would only benefit the invasion mode in this game.
  4. The following players reported me as a cheater, although I wasn't cheating and never have cheated. I linked their steam profiles next to their names -Ne0_Anderson -Noble Six -NeoX FroZen -Ne0 Voltron Here is a video I posted of them cheating against me. One of them is utilizing a new cheat I believe that just repeatedly kills the hunter once he spawns. Extremely annoying.