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    New Fan. Amazing Game.

    I started playing Dying Light a few weeks ago. I'm super impressed, especially having played Dead Island and being left thinking that it was very close to the action-simulator kind of experience that I could see a FPS ZA pulling off well. Dying Light is a fantastic game. I will admit that I'm taking the cautious approach, as I like to have a hand up on the ZA. I'm only 2% through the game, but I'm level 17 in both Agility and Strength skills. I'm at the mission where I'm supposed to go for my first drop. But since the drops happen when the sun goes down, and since I haven't activated the mission, it's perpetually 8pm. I have yet to experience an actual night cycle in the game save for the tutorial mission at the beginning. Since it's perpetually 8pm, I've taken the opportunity to scout the entire first map from top to bottom. My favorite place to take advantage of this endless day is up on the bridge toward the NorthEast. Specifically, where the break occurs. I hop from car to car, using firecrackers to start the gas puddles, and call over seemingly endless waves of zombies to gain agility and strength points. So many points! It honestly hasn't taken me very long to reach level 17, as I've spent the majority of my play time exploring. I highly recommend this tactic for anyone looking to invest some time building their skills up prior to really starting the game. Sure, some people may think I'm creating an imbalance in my experience; but I think of it as unlocking more of the gameplay mechanics before playing too much of the game, which I find more enjoyable because there are more weapons/skills at my disposal. Great stuff. Anyhow, amazing game. Equally amazing is another year of free DLC support. That says something.