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  1. Do devs even care about this topic? Of course they don't. The only reason we got all those stupid PvP changes is the free DLC program to atract more people to the game. Fixing speed on PC( because PC hunters are too fast), dev playing his own with a controller because everybody does that on PC, gp spits and instant tackle. Things that were game changers for the night hunters and allowed them to counter survivor in some ways. After the recent patches survivor counters hunter on everything, complete dodge spam that negates all spits, tackles; DFA abuse to insta-kill hunter on every step - devs says you have to plan ahead and expect such things, well with such a fast tempo of gameplay, DFA crows and hook monkeys always appear when the least expected but wait I got DFA'd because I've put myself in a position such like this... (too bad DFA's also clip through walls/objects. Talking such stuff to a veteran with ~2000hrs on the game - Hunter is more powerful than ever before. This is a fact. Such sentence proves the complete ignorance from the sides of developers and truly says that they balance the game not us. +Stupid stastics in %/win for survivors and the hunters. Will developers ever stop looking at % values? It's not the accurate representation of an actual match. I've completely gave up on the game lost whole passion and the thrills everytime I pull something amazing out. Every chupacabra can now do better than ever before hunter just has to accept his faith and die dozens of times over and over again. +The autobalance is a complete bullshit. You either win because you earn'd it same goes for the lost and not win like a loser. I had 1 match 4 days ago. I was playing against experienced hunter with 1200hrs on record. It was a 1v1. I've had 8 lifes on the last nest and I still lost. Not like I lost because I've been over-confident I just lost to fact that he spitsmashed me 4 times with uv spit in less than 3 minutes. Not to mention few hilarious telebombers that are actually GAME BREAKING AND DEVS WON'T TAKE A STEP TO FIX THEM. Did I lose to skill? No I didn't I lost to fact that he took the victory by simply getting help from the game because he can't pull chupacabra out without it. Wasting 90% of the uv light to drain hunter to 50% of his stamina in 1v1 is just hilarious. Both teams have pulled out an amazing jobs (Techland + Scapes) on making such a masterpiece (for me) that I've spent the most time on out of any game in my life, but making such changes that are taking the game wrong direction breaks me down. I hope my comment will not get blocked/deleted and devs will actually take those words to the heart and reconsider any further changes twice. This game will always remain a huge part of my life. I'm really looking forward to see what this game can still achieve
  2. I've seen another guy mentioning it on a completely different topic on the forum but let's try bringing it here. So if the iTackle is gone permanently how about adding a 4th mutation or even a 5th? The 4th to improve already useless sense spit by that I mean survivors affected by the spit would've their hunter sounds volume reduced by 50% I mean not the howl but the running, breathing and jumping of the hunter is extremely loud which means that the spit is completely useless on top tier survivors since they can counter it by sound or obvious rookies by spaming flares everywhere and sticking real close. Now to the topic of 5th mutation - hunter could sacrifice 1 uv block to deflect survivors that are attempting a DFA with spikes on his back - I don't mean fatal damage but some sort of penalty for trying to spam like -25% health would be welcomed there. +Add some sort of option to dodge survivor dropkicks. Hunter can't chain tackles since it wasn't intended I get it while survivors can abuse the chupacabra out of any animation as much as they want for example dropkick chains what makes hunter life 100 times more annoying. Designing new look for these 2 mutations and animations would take some budget and work but could also balance the PvP out and bring some veterans back.
  3. Also I would like to mention another exploit. If a survivor is in the toxic spit and shoots toxic bolt somewhere close to him even if he gets out of the spit he'll still drain hp like he's standing in the middle of the spit. It's frustrating and extremly annoying if you consider the fact that bolts on the crossbow switch randomly sometimes. +The dmg stays as long as player takes dmg from toxic bolt and his screen remain affected by the bolt.
  4. Just normal things in Harran... Didn't play my best but I was lucky enough to win against 4 guys with infinite uv's. While fighting those guys I felt like an actual slave fighting for his freedom. How about dealing with such things 1st then fixing bugs? This is one of those games that instant tackle would actually be helpful at. I guess I still have to learn from Visceral tho... Those guys all bunch of well known modders/cheaters and they walk untouched. Neo_Anderson has also insta-kill for all nests and the hunter not to mention his "Superman" abilities to fly. PS. Sorry for uploading 1 video in two parts but my recording software does that for no reason.
  5. I guess days when developers actually listened to feedback from veterans and not clueless retards are not coming anytime soon aswell.
  6. Yeah, 2k hours into the game is not enough to be a decent player to fight DFA's and 2 Handers.
  7. Hmm I feel insulted. It's like telling other veterans to play exactly like Visceral altough they can perform even better tackles and react faster than he does.
  8. Removing all hunter tricks is not a smart decision. It does not only help those lacking skill win their beloved team games but also drastically lowers skill bar in the game.
  9. 1. This video is almost a year old 2. No need of iTackle because of gp-spit. 3. Currently survivors aren't as dumb as they used to be. PS. Visceral is not a god so stop bringing up his games + he doesn't even play PvP anymore same goes for spinoza that plays without HUD.
  10. This whole sentence is purely insult to the developers for making the crossbow a thing and for PvP team for balancing it not to mention players trying their best with this "The Following" addition. Crossbow deals 30dmg in all scenarios no matter what with ~36% of hunters health when shot to the head. Performing a headshot with such fast gameplay tempo as DL is known for is nearly impossible and if happens probably only due to some sort of gods will or miracle. I respect the entire Digital Scapes team but such ignorance for the players triggers me. Developers literaly have barely any clue about what's happening in day-to-day matches listening to envy, spaming noobs and their blubbering for nerfs. So if the crossbow will never be brought back to it's old or suggested above "rewamped" shape it's literaly useless as any other ranged weapon in the game. Forcing melee playstyle is laughable. Same goes for instant tackle if it will never be brought back as a "input method". How about adding a 2 more mutations? 4th will add instant tackle as a legit skill to night hunters disposel and 5th a lil bonus, probably to useless sense spit that is going to be useless forever even after the planned fixes regarding this spit. I've got 1 more idea. How about bringing back old crossbow damage or atleast the one suggested above and instant tackle? I could make a video with many of my veteran friends regarding every single strat at night hunters disposel and how to counter-act those tactics as survivor and vice-versa. Hank J. Wimbleton has already a really good guide on steam showing people tactics, hunter attacts with GIF's any ways to counter them as a survivor. We could turn it into a video and developers could pin it to their social media/ youtube to prepare new preys for hunters invasions. I don't agree with you instant tackles were not spammed as frequently as you think. Built-in delay prevents the excesive abuse that you're talking about. Instant tackle was perfectly fine and known to veterans so they didn't complain about them. I bet you're one of those "guys" that abused dropkics 2 handers and dfa's after missed tackles to lead their sorry chupacabra to victory. Instant tackle had so many ways to counter like dodging after it grapple-cancel dodge and so on, but of course people just don't want to be creative and use their brain's grey cells to perform such action so they just simply cry for nerfs and fixes. +Laggy games on consoles happen way more often than on PC. On PC it's caused only by player -> player distance latency and their connection quality. On consoles on the other hand all that latency is caused not only by that but also by Sony/Microsoft cheap servers and their response times not to mention barely stable 30fps which led to situations on PC like 10 seconds exploding spit on 12FPS. +Nerf ground-pound, this, that yatta yatta yatta. If every-single one of you guys will complain like this Techland and Scapes will literaly change everything into existance and both sides will feel like a soap on water. Barely able to control it's pathing and remain control over itself.
  11. It definetly should be brought back if not the old "input" method, Digital Scapes should make a "4th" mutation and add it as a legit skill but put 5-7seconds cooldown on it. Any dodged tackle these days (by one tackle I mean every single one due to built in delay) are guaranteed deaths if not lethal 120hp blow from a 2 hander , a dropkick or DFA which can be initiated literaly everywhere. It was perfectly fine and I don't know why it got removed. It was a glitch I get it, BUT it had many counters to it a simple space click or just getting away from hunter. Veterans knew how to deal with such "tactic" of Night Hunter. So called "Instant tackle" was complayned on only by envy "n00bs" that barely started playing the game with ~200h play time which consists 50 of Be The Zombie that just wanted to win by simple abuse of DFA's or 2 handers. +Crossbows are literaly useless now. How about making crossbow do different dmg numbers in a asymethric way for example: - 1v1 = 50dmg - 2v1 = 40dmg - 3v1 = 30dmg - 4v1 = 25dmg Also with the whole respect to the amazing job you've done on BtZ mode listen please, all the fixes you've done to BtZ mode introduced even more annoying bugs like that infinite reload bug, sense spit is useless in team games because survivor sense bounces off teammates, night hunter also has survivor sense if you spam Q, fire+explosives still works, elemental dmg nerf, and somehow impact bolt does 30dmg same as the impact but stun bolt deals 42dmg. GP spit removal isn't as annoying it takes actually skill to perform this move but hunter without iTackle has no way to surprise a decent survivor. How about fixing things that are actually annoying like countless survivor bugs and exploits, telebombers and bringing the PvP back to it's old shape - old shape I mean iTackle still a thing, changes to xbow linked above but without gp spit.
  12. Alright so iTackle got fixed, now let's ask ourselfs what a average "Night Hunter" has up his sleeve? The only thing that was the least expected from the hunter was a tackle right after the evade also known as the iTackle, it could save you from certain death after evade or defend from the brainless DFA crows that just wait to flawlessly fall on you smash that LMB with the full strenght of their fingers and then say "EZ". Survivor has countless exploits and ways to counter hunter at everything he attempts. Toxic spits if You corner a survivor it's very useful in 1 versus 1 scenario but even in a 2 versus 1 and so on survivors are 90% of the time able to get back up their fallen comrades before the hunter spawns. Then the sense spit who cares about this spit? It's the one the least used it can be countered so easily by survivors sticking close to each other and puting their FX volume at 100% because hunter is extremely loud when he jumps or tendrills. +Mr. Pete how hunter is supposed to get away after failed tackle unless a survivor is clueless? Survivor can easily dropkick hunter after the groundpound or DFA him and how does it even make sense " And if you are in a position to allow a's because you put yourself there "? The problem is that hunter can get DFA'd pretty much everywhere on the map unless he's inside the building or in a small tunnel oh wait DFA sometimes goes through walls.. Stop trying to fix stuff that was perfectly fine and complained on only by people that just want to spam 2 handers and DFA everywhere. How about fixing stuff in PvP that makes it completely unfair like random telebombers? Groundpound+spit was perfectly fine avoidable with ease by a simple jumping before the gp, but of course people are lazy and they have to complain at everything. +There is also a strange bug. Infinite relaod was ment to be a thing ONLY for the infinite crossbow, but if the survivor switches real quick between 2 normal crossbows or a crossbow and a rifle it puts the second weapon into infinite reload. This thing is extremely frustrating and has to be fixed ASAP.