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  1. In dying light there are cars and vans everywhere but you cant get in them so i think if we could get in any car/Van then it would be more realistic and you should have to fing fuel and components like in the following. It really would be cool if when surrounded by infected you could hop in the car/Van andshoot out the window even if the car had no fuel in it just getting in the car/Van and shooting. And the infected can push your car/Van on its side. And as ive said before new guns, attachments, camos, weapon combining, outfit perks. GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK
  2. The dying light companion is a very usefull addition to the core game giving you resourses easy but there are many things it could have to get better such as amission where your scouts can return with D.R.O.P.S. And gold weapons should be added in the companion. As well as many more weapons and items. Also item from the following such as SMGs and bolter liver should be added. GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK
  3. I got another idea last night for a dlc. Ithink adding a status bar inbetween quest and the inventory slots from which you can improve armour and see your level of hydration ang hunger. You should also be able to store food and water in the inventory. There should be poisonous food which gives hunger and decreases speed for a medium space of time. Dirty water should do the same but decrease vision. You should also be able to drink alcohol and 2 drinks of alcohol should make vision blurry. The armour should be upgradable by using metal parts on armour the trader and quartermaster can sell/give to you and different types of armour like standard to be weak and bandit to be strongest. And for fun a onscreen kill count since game loaded like when you exit and come back in it should back to 0. And as ive said before new guns, attachments and camos, weapon combining, outfit perks. GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK
  4. I think techland should bring back airdrops. They stop after the pit but return in the following. The drops should come back to help the T.E.A.R troops? So i hope that one of the dlcs techland bring them back. And the drops can go anywhere in slums or old town. Thanks techland for making an amazing game. GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK!
  5. I was thinking in the next upcoming dlcs one of them should add; new guns (Rocket launcher, sniper), gun attachments (silencer, fmg, sights), gun camos, weapon combining so 2 of the same kind of weapon, can be combined to improve damage, duability and handling and my last idea is perk kind of system where your outfit gives you special abilities like the ninja could have increased stamina, running speed and faster movements, but story characters like rais or brecken should be able to comand troops so they follow you and will kill Zombies and hostile survivours and T.E.A.R troops. Thank you techland for making an amazing game it is my favorite game and keep up the good work!