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  1. @Thunder Ice awesome ideas!! @Jushuaa that is taking it too far, that is no longer dying light in my opinion. @Kevin9765 meat bait is called firecrackers.
  2. I like the idea of hiding in vans and stuff for cover.. but i believe that Techland wants the buggy to be the only working vehicle, especially with the driver skill tree and upgrades. Also, The Slums and Old Town are not built for driving vehicles because they focus more on parkour and traps compared to the Countryside's open fields. Last of all, in the Following DLC Sabir the Quartermaster says he is jealous of your ride and that it is one of the only working vehicles around he has seen. (there is only one other working vehicle in the game which is the jeep in the quest SIBLINGS where you infiltrate Rais' school)
  3. 1:Awesome 2:Please 3:Oh god please 4:Sure... 5:WWE I like those Dedboi The idea of melee with guns is awesome because it could lead to a new skill tree: GUNS where you could get skills such as melee attacks, executions, more clips and mags.
  4. I love the idea of food and water AND I LOVE the antizin idea but my only consern is it becomes like fuel for cars (following dlc).. Where at first it's all loot as much as you can then next thing you know you never need more stuff because you have so much.
  5. Yeah i really miss chasing the planes for the airdrops and fighting off rais' men for the loot
  6. I agree but you dont need to be rude to techland, i think a new skill tree along with more quests and maybe more legend levels would make people play the game more/longer.
  7. That sounds awesome Yeah i guess i do mean a ddt but more of a head smashing style.. so i guess a german suplex instead.. idc which as long as it head smashes.
  8. Yeah some wrestling moves would be nice.. Like maybe a skill that allows you to wwe grab a zombie charging at you (like the grapple L+A(Xbox) but like L+B) and grab their head and drop on the floor and crush their head.
  9. I was playing Dying Light this week (got hyped for DLC + it's an awesome game) and i was thinking of as many things as i could and so far (Including my ideas of my recent post ^^^) They should get rid of the auto aim on the bow's regular arrow along with adding new water zombies who lurk in the seas and maybe even a whole new map??? @Zombie slayar 17 ... I really like your outfit perk idea.. i think that would give more purpose to outfits for players who play offline (such as myself). C4 would be cool too
  10. Also i would like to see new guns (I was thinking a sniper) and gun mods like silencers for the pistol (and sniper) or bigger mags.
  11. I would really enjoy more weapon "skins/paintjobs" such as the Harran Military Rifle... I think running around shooting biters with customized guns would make it more "badass" and just fun overall. @Philbie the only problem with the zombie dog is that dying light focuses on parkour.. although it would be cool to have ninja-dog on my side.