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  1. How about a Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un zombie in Harran, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! :-)
  2. Has a flame-thrower & a grenade launcher or 2 been mentioned? Would be fun for a bit. Maybe an acid sprayer and acid traps & bombs? Too. Maybe night vision goggles, tracer rounds, perhaps some rare incendiary / armor-piercing / hollow-point / explosive rounds that have bonuses to certain Zombie types - ie. if armored or not. If we could release cats or dogs with a bell around their neck as a decoy for Zombies too. :-) - maybe with a bomb timed to explode as an optional upgrade. And laser-sights.
  3. If we could also play as Dr Zere, maybe Dr Lena, Bahir, Gazi, Shakur, Zaid, Josef also would be great. *Spoiler Alert* - Perhaps if we could play as the zombie version of Jade & Rahim, maybe a zombie Brecken too.
  4. I'd think they could repurpose the "snacks" already in game, from providing a small health boost to adding to a food meter, or maybe doing both.
  5. Well if the penalties for dying of thirst, hunger, weren't that harsh, maybe re-spawn at nearest safe-house with a penalty to movement speed & stamina or briefly become a zombie for a lack of Antizin, then Techland could keep the resources scarce, particularly on Hard or Nightmare difficulty.
  6. Thanks, i'll give it a try, nice to know. Yeah, hunger, thirst, Antizin meters & armor of differing strengths, that degrades sound like good additions to me. Stuff we have to trade between players, or find / purchase at merchants. Think i'd be happy with gun attachments / silencers, outfit perks & turret creation / repairs added too :-)
  7. I like that we can hitch a ride in each others buggies in "the following" DLC online, would be nice i think if the passenger could shoot from that position.
  8. More mirrors in game, i'm thinking. Safe houses mainly, perhaps. Should add Zombie Seagulls, Zombie dogs, maybe pet attack dogs to follow us around too. Jet-ski's we can ride & shoot from. Maybe paint-ball like weapon that marks a target to the Zombie horde? Maybe a weapon that makes the target fight on your side for 30 seconds or so?