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  1. wow. Confirmed it was working them closed game and reopened. Now not working. AAARGH!
  2. How about a design your character DLC? Additional story line. Male or Female option. That would be awesome. As a female, it would be nice to have a female protagonist but it doesn't kill me to play as a bearded guy. The game is awesome no matter who I play as.
  3. Ok... just took time I guess. Started working again.
  4. Yes with the most recent steam update. Data3.pak wasn't replaced until I did a fresh install. Wasn't working so did a fresh install of everything Reinstalled the mods and still not working. Cannot remove placeholder file now either. This is frustrating!
  5. Since the new update the mods to files that were placed in data3.pak are no longer recognized. I was literally playing with a working mod... exited the game, it updated then mod quit working. Since the update, are the files being pulled elsewhere? I've even modded data0.pak with no luck. Game plays fine but mods aren't recognized. HELP I'm on pc