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  1. One more thing. Telebombers, nobody likes them. Even for me as a hunter, I'd rather not get free kills. If a bomber spawns on a roof top, I can live with that but when a bomber comes flying at me at the speed of light, ridiculous.
  2. And also, we have created the largest PvP group for Dying Light here: If you're interested in seeing our rules to how we balance our matches. God tier seemed very well balanced in our first tournament, however top tier was one sided with a total of 12 matches and hunters only winning 2 of those matches. The difference is that God tier humans had a fixed amount of medkits and flares as well as no HUD while Top tier humans didn't have much rules at all.
  3. Higher DFA and more accuracy to achieve it would prevent things like this. I'm a firm believer that anyone playing on Nightmare mode should lose their HUD and start with a fixed amount flares and medkits when an invasion is activated.
  4. I just realized. I agree with Vallon.
  5. Glad I got that out. I'm tired of having guys down to the last nest just so they can make a BS come back and kill me 7 times. I guess everyone deserves a participation trophy these days.
  6. I know it's a mod but why isn't this an actual thing? I fought the same 2 Hunters, several times yesterday with the rule of no pouncing only one can use horde spit/UV heal and the other can use toxic spit/Uv Spit and I must say, this was the most fun I've had in PvP, of course it was just me but if I had a solid team, I'd imagine it'd be a lot more fun. Normally I'm against mods and glitches but this was a game changer for me, I'd love for this to be an actual option in the game.
  7. or hunters roll back from a drop kick sends him out of the distance from another drop kick, when I gp to interrupt the 2nd drop kick, I get drop kicked by a 3rd guy who was out of my gp range. there is no getting away from the drop kick chain.
  8. This is an event that steam group Mutation 4 is hosting. We collaborated with a couple modders to create a much darker map so put on your glowing outfits. Top tier category consists of 2v1 where as God Tier remains 1v1. More information can be found in our steam community group.
  9. We are down to the last two humans, (Gregu and Vallon) and last two hunters (QQ and Body Killer) We flipped the script so now both humans Gregu Vs. Vallon and both hunters QQ vs BK will fight a sudden death match switching roles as hunter and human until someone loses twice in a row. The winner of both sides will fight in the championship, best out of 3 takes it all. The Top Tier championship was won by Hunter Maridasch aka Lady confusion after 3 intense matches with Rewerie. We're no longer going by any schedule or time standard, when both parties are online and ready to fight, we'll announce it in the group.
  10. Wasn't sure if I'm allowed to post this here but decided to anyway. I'm hosting a DL tournament for humans and hunters this weekend starting Friday and ending Sunday evening. At first I thought it would just be a small tournament of 8 people but from all the people wanting to join, I had to push those rookie numbers up, now we have two categories Top tier and God tier with a total of 22 candidates. Veterans like Visceral, Spinoza, Vallon and Emtrix are all here. And others are still messaging me about joining. There is a prize for the winners. I'm posting this mainly for Pete and other PC members, if you're interested in seeing how this goes. A lot of players will be broadcasting. We also have a Black Out Event coming up in late November TBA. I look forward to seeing Digital Scapes 1 in our group to maybe participate and I don't know.. support his community.
  11. First round is about 80% complete, missed matches and make up matches due to lag will be held tomorrow. This was honestly a lot more intense than I expected, each broadcaster had almost up to 20 viewers, even our Chinese dying light candidates did better than I expecting playing in the God tier category. I tell you Pete, you are missing out man, you need to join the group. Omni vs Gregu, Omni Vs Vallon, Centurion Vs Spinoza, Body Killer vs Shame Royal, Body Killer vs Sakura. These matches had me at the edge of my seat. The Top Tier humans are overpowered and will experience a nerf for round 2, of all the matches in Top tier, hunters won only 2 matches total. All agreed God tier is evenly matched. Still waiting for Pete to join the group. Round 2 begins tomorrow after all 1st round matches are complete.
  12. Tournament is starting. Spinoza is streaming his portion here.
  13. Speaking of, Spinoza created some tournament hype of his own. Hopefully we'll be able to get this thing started Friday November 3rd.
  14. I like the howling idea, although instead of doing damage it should draw in more virals or something a long those lines. A trump card for hunters. I agree the auto balance is so damn aggressive, I could lose a match with 6-7 lives left on the last nest.
  15. Pete can you message me? I have a suitable request for the community. Cantrell hmm lol still waiting for you to join the group. We have teams coming up for the next event.
  16. Well the tournament was going to start today but thanks to techland random community event that gave humans an unfair advantage, tournament is now delayed. Good job Pete. Lol
  17. Auto balance is such $hit, as human I'll get to the last nest every time with at least 5 or 6 lives and the Hunter gets this phucking rettard strength even if the player has zero skill what so ever. It's an annoyance and has become nearly impossible to flawless even the worst of players. And as Hunter, ill suddenly go on a 6 man killing spree on the last nest, makes no damn sense. Why not just even the players out from the start and leave it at that?
  18. here I fought two good hunters, it was all fun and games with a no pounce rule. The main issue was constantly tackles and GPs, with a few more humans, I'd find it to be epics being able to DK hunters and keep them from singling anyone out, more like a free for all without the nests. This is my only good play of the game.
  19. VAC is an automated program that searches files, there's no person who actually runs it. And it wouldn't make sense to vac ban any players in their game when the developer is the one who made the developer menu.
  20. As someone who finally made Biter rank after fighting nothing but top survivors for about 50 hours, I'd rather have Itackle than telebombers. Insta tackle does, in fact, take skill because you can't just do it anywhere at any time, can't use it on roofs or open areas. I will always give the option to revive if the kill is by a telebomber because it's cheap af.
  21. There's no hope for hunters unless you invade noobs or get extremely lucky like I do.
  22. Digital scapes 1 and I agree about Visceral, I'm certain he'd get body bagged by a lot of survivors today.
  23. Der GroƟmann and I already destroyed him 2v1. I don't remember the actual score but I'm certain it wasn't close.
  24. I don't care much for exploits but as a chupacabra Hunter who uses an xbox one controller on PC with less than 150 hours, it would be nice to not get slaughtered after a missed tackle in 2v1. I started a new Hunter profile as an experiment and decided to fight only elitists such at NM+, AT+, NM-, DLG members and other great players who aren't in clans, and I'm surpremely confident that my rank will never come out of "Walker" no matter how good I become. I have attempted to play "tactical" and just wait for spit recharge and situational tackles and I can confidently say that Hunter is always fucked in groups, there is no point in tactics. There is no "situational" tackle that will do the Hunter justice in Slums or Countryside, no "situational" tackle in Old Town that is capable of avoiding a quick reaction DFA from a teammate. You need to stream some of your game play so the rest of us can watch and see how well you do as a Hunter. No invading newbies with less than 300 hours. Look at clan members, I think it would be fun to watch. I see you censored the word sh*t as chupacabra but the word fucked is still there. Lmao
  25. There's like 10 other threads about this same topic.