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  1. I've always wondered how he did this.
  2. Make Hunter self destruct. And also make horde scream "Allah Akbar"
  3. Those are things I can't do with a controller. I'm temporarily on a laptop until November but after seeing recent videos on youtube, hunters should not be winning by such a huge margin against some of the best survivors 2 or 3 nests left. I've had similar experiences with hunters I've beaten before, sometimes it'd be evenly matched and now it feels like a huge accomplishment just getting passed the 3rd nest. how can the rest of us (average players) even enjoy a 1v1 at this point? Not to mention hunter spamming tackle and insta tackle in a closed area which almost every nest location is a closed area, there is nothing you can do, even dodging the first tackle becomes pointless because the 2nd is sure to get you, these are all things that need to be patched or nerfed. If you can't win a straight up 1v1 without the use of some cheap tactics that only some players can do, than you're making 1v1 entirely for a select few players. My rant is entirely for 1v1 matches, insta tackle, virals, goons and such used against groups feels necessary but in 1v1 it's cheap, it's certain death in several nest locations. I have some footage coming when I get the time to upload it with my terrible wifi but it's a match of me getting repeatedly insta tackled at a nest until I lost whether I dodged the first one or not, the 2nd tackle can't be dodged, the hunter did not even need spit at this point, it was literally cat and mouse. Any time I came close to this nest, it was tackle, insta tackle and then I was in toxic spit and dead or uv spit is out and pounced because getting up isn't fast enough to throw a flare. That's all I have to say about this. 1v1 was my favorite but now I can't even deal with the average hunter.
  4. I've also played on Xbox one and PS4 but I don't find the hunters nearly as challenging as they are on PC which is why I stick with PC, but now, either I've gotten worse or hunters have gotten a lot better. I also play with no hud and only use sense to seek out nest once. But even with hud, I still find virals and goons ridiculous in 1v1, I can't see how we can expect new comers to not use cheats when their only weapons are a pipe wrench and fireworks. I even tried to help a new guy 1v1 and let him win but the virals singlehandedly defeated him, it was hilarious.
  5. Before I rant, I'll go ahead and say I'm not one of the best, just another elitist in the community who enjoys the game, I am on PC but I use a controller. Now to get into my rant. Why I believe 1v1 is dead. Toxic spit being as strong as it is now is great in 2v1, 3v1, 4v1 but in 1v1, it's killing me several times in every match when all it takes is a dodged tackle and dodged insta tackle right after while in toxic spit, then I'm dead by toxins. Every time I respawn, hunter has a whole set of spit already. My NH booster only lasts so long and doesn't reduce damage from toxic spit. The cool down time is horrendous because humans run so slow as it is and can't get a 2 handed swing at the hunter when virals are attacking you from behind. In 1v1 I'm old school so I'm not very quick with killing nests, I don't know any exploits and on top of that, I have about 3 or 4 virals and a goon at each nest spawn and shooting the goon about 3 times in the head with explosive arrows and a few ground slams to kill the virals, there goes all the time I had to attack the nest because NH is already respawned. I can kill the hunter several times and still be trying to get through the first nest because of this. I just got through a match with another great player who's in NM+ whom I managed to kill 9 times but barely got to the 3rd nest. 9 times. That use to be enough to get me to the 5th nest. There's my rant, now for my suggestion. CALM THE F ### DOWN WITH VIRALS AND GOONS PLEASE. Also, I am open to any tips on how to kill nests faster because I'd rather just brawl it out with the hunter and disregard nests all together.
  6. Heres me as a widow maker with 50+ hours as a hunter taking on the exploit+ team.
  7. would be nice if NH could roll out of tight spaces considering the slums are full of tight spaces and NH is so slow at climbing out.