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  1. just had a 4v1 with Emtrix as hunter and he used 22 spits in less than 5 minutes. Flawless. lol
  2. you dont think 18 spits in a 1v1 is a bit much? lol I mean for me, someone who doesn't like to duplicate items will use what medkits I have, what flares are given to me but it seems after every death, the hunter is already prepped with a full set of spits including UV heal which then leads to an overused tactic of spit+pounce+uv heal over and over. No effort whatsoever. Other than that, I agree with everything else.
  3. a 2gb update and 2 hand weapons are still OP in 2v1 lol NICE
  4. Here is something that has frustrated me all day, when you get a spike kill and the hunters view stays locked on the human while there's another human still alive. If the tackle knock back wasn't there, I'd have been dead or if it was ground, I would have been DFA'd. My biggest suggest to balance the game is to remove AUTOBALANCE but also reduce hunters animations. Maybe let a few of us test the gameplay for you.
  5. This was seriously the best thing I've ever seen in a video game. Thank you for that. I've been a huge fan of George Romero nearly my whole life. Respect.
  6. One thing I would like to see is an immediate count down from 30 seconds each time a human jumps in water to avoid the horde, it's a cheap escape and the hunter deserves the kill.
  7. One more thing. Telebombers, nobody likes them. Even for me as a hunter, I'd rather not get free kills. If a bomber spawns on a roof top, I can live with that but when a bomber comes flying at me at the speed of light, ridiculous.
  8. And also, we have created the largest PvP group for Dying Light here: If you're interested in seeing our rules to how we balance our matches. God tier seemed very well balanced in our first tournament, however top tier was one sided with a total of 12 matches and hunters only winning 2 of those matches. The difference is that God tier humans had a fixed amount of medkits and flares as well as no HUD while Top tier humans didn't have much rules at all.
  9. Higher DFA and more accuracy to achieve it would prevent things like this. I'm a firm believer that anyone playing on Nightmare mode should lose their HUD and start with a fixed amount flares and medkits when an invasion is activated.
  10. I just realized. I agree with Vallon.
  11. Glad I got that out. I'm tired of having guys down to the last nest just so they can make a BS come back and kill me 7 times. I guess everyone deserves a participation trophy these days.
  12. or hunters roll back from a drop kick sends him out of the distance from another drop kick, when I gp to interrupt the 2nd drop kick, I get drop kicked by a 3rd guy who was out of my gp range. there is no getting away from the drop kick chain.
  13. This is an event that steam group Mutation 4 is hosting. We collaborated with a couple modders to create a much darker map so put on your glowing outfits. Top tier category consists of 2v1 where as God Tier remains 1v1. More information can be found in our steam community group.
  14. We are down to the last two humans, (Gregu and Vallon) and last two hunters (QQ and Body Killer) We flipped the script so now both humans Gregu Vs. Vallon and both hunters QQ vs BK will fight a sudden death match switching roles as hunter and human until someone loses twice in a row. The winner of both sides will fight in the championship, best out of 3 takes it all. The Top Tier championship was won by Hunter Maridasch aka Lady confusion after 3 intense matches with Rewerie. We're no longer going by any schedule or time standard, when both parties are online and ready to fight, we'll announce it in the group.
  15. First round is about 80% complete, missed matches and make up matches due to lag will be held tomorrow. This was honestly a lot more intense than I expected, each broadcaster had almost up to 20 viewers, even our Chinese dying light candidates did better than I expecting playing in the God tier category. I tell you Pete, you are missing out man, you need to join the group. Omni vs Gregu, Omni Vs Vallon, Centurion Vs Spinoza, Body Killer vs Shame Royal, Body Killer vs Sakura. These matches had me at the edge of my seat. The Top Tier humans are overpowered and will experience a nerf for round 2, of all the matches in Top tier, hunters won only 2 matches total. All agreed God tier is evenly matched. Still waiting for Pete to join the group. Round 2 begins tomorrow after all 1st round matches are complete.