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  1. I know it's a mod but why isn't this an actual thing? I fought the same 2 Hunters, several times yesterday with the rule of no pouncing only one can use horde spit/UV heal and the other can use toxic spit/Uv Spit and I must say, this was the most fun I've had in PvP, of course it was just me but if I had a solid team, I'd imagine it'd be a lot more fun. Normally I'm against mods and glitches but this was a game changer for me, I'd love for this to be an actual option in the game.
  2. VAC is an automated program that searches files, there's no person who actually runs it. And it wouldn't make sense to vac ban any players in their game when the developer is the one who made the developer menu.
  3. As someone who finally made Biter rank after fighting nothing but top survivors for about 50 hours, I'd rather have Itackle than telebombers. Insta tackle does, in fact, take skill because you can't just do it anywhere at any time, can't use it on roofs or open areas. I will always give the option to revive if the kill is by a telebomber because it's cheap af.
  4. There's no hope for hunters unless you invade noobs or get extremely lucky like I do.
  5. Digital scapes 1 and I agree about Visceral, I'm certain he'd get body bagged by a lot of survivors today.
  6. Der GroƟmann and I already destroyed him 2v1. I don't remember the actual score but I'm certain it wasn't close.
  7. I don't care much for exploits but as a chupacabra Hunter who uses an xbox one controller on PC with less than 150 hours, it would be nice to not get slaughtered after a missed tackle in 2v1. I started a new Hunter profile as an experiment and decided to fight only elitists such at NM+, AT+, NM-, DLG members and other great players who aren't in clans, and I'm surpremely confident that my rank will never come out of "Walker" no matter how good I become. I have attempted to play "tactical" and just wait for spit recharge and situational tackles and I can confidently say that Hunter is always fucked in groups, there is no point in tactics. There is no "situational" tackle that will do the Hunter justice in Slums or Countryside, no "situational" tackle in Old Town that is capable of avoiding a quick reaction DFA from a teammate. You need to stream some of your game play so the rest of us can watch and see how well you do as a Hunter. No invading newbies with less than 300 hours. Look at clan members, I think it would be fun to watch. I see you censored the word sh*t as chupacabra but the word fucked is still there. Lmao
  8. There's like 10 other threads about this same topic.
  9. Awhile back some guy who spoke broken English joined my game as human and was killing everything by swinging his machete, literally all nests and Hunter would die after a few swings no matter where he was on the map. He said something about "scripts" and that was all I got out of it. He also said something about it being undetectable by VAC. Crazy stuff out there.
  10. I don't think the Hunter needs a buff. I have about 120 hours as NH and I am still managing to beat elitists everywhere. I never used GP spit or insta tackle much so I had to work my way around that, of course I have the disadvantage of using a controller against a lot of PC players for now but I find most of my games to be evenly matched, however keep in mind that as a Hunter, I am absolutely garbage, I waste spits and miss tackles constantly and playing against elitists and still coming out on top, I can't imagine a buffed up Hunter for elitists fighting other elitists.
  11. I mean, in a 4v1, let's say your a NH getting destroyed, last nest, 6 human lives, you self destruct leaving toxic spit and killing 2 humans. It would be awesome, or give it a longer respawn time. Make an event and see how it goes.
  12. This actually happened to me before, a few times in one match, I never did understand it, however, it fixed after I died each time. Only happened in that one match so I couldn't dig into it.
  13. Itackle was definitely not patched, however, I'll give a mention to Humble Appearance who in my opinion is one of the best night hunters (laugh it up) only because the guy will not use a single glitch to his advantage, no itackle or double claw, It is possible to win against good survivors without glitches, I rarely use them and manage to beat a lot of 1000 hour players as NH, given I die about 15 times on average. But 1v1 is getting better. 1v1 should be entirely tactical for both sides, and fighting Humble Appearance, no itackle or double claw, no spamming flares and so forth, makes for a much more competitive and enjoyable 1v1. BUT Itackle against 2 or more humans is necessary or each missed tackle is nearly fatal. As for human, I can agree with the flare cool down, it's nice to be able to see again without 6 flares constantly lighting up my screen. However the NH booster cool down is ridiculous, my cool down went from 1 match into the middle of the next match. Bit extreme. Suggestions: This is a long shot but maybe Night Hunter can revive a single nest spawn? Sense surpressor spit is useless, maybe give NH options before invading, a whole new set of spits would be interesting to see. A volatile or two spamming their toxic vomit at DFA campers, take my money. As for humans, maybe speed booster or potions with less perks don't cool down as slowly as NH booster. That's all I have. ALSO GOING TO THROW THIS OUT THERE, why is Jade not an outfit?
  14. I've always wondered how he did this.
  15. Make Hunter self destruct. And also make horde scream "Allah Akbar"