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  1. Played about 3hours today. Alterning human and Z. It's perfect as it is, don't change anyting else lol. So happy to find the game intact again this afternoon ^-^
  2. @Pete Donnelly I don't know why you even bother changing this dead game anymore instead of working on DL2 but...apparently you have a massive idea in your mind so...I'm fingers crossed for the best, hopefully this becomes the fastest paced game ever again.
  3. "The primary this is meant to prevent are Hunters blindly spinning in circles, hoping for a tackle. It's not the kind of gameplay we want to encourage." -Pete Donnelly. This is one thing I do want to point this out. Hunters that blindly spin in circles do not get their tackles. That's why you notice them. The ones that have good aim and actually aim at u do get them. No need to cruch the whole game physics to fix that...No need to fix that at all. No one cares. Seriously what were you thinking. Apparently this seems logical to you but if you don't remove this patch by logic then you will do it by everyone leaving the game after a couple of months, as I already said.
  4. Vallon explained it very well (now I think we just need as many players as possible to come comment here, so guys, share the website around, most players don't use it), not gonna repeat what he said, plus his vocabulary is definitely better than mine. I currently have a wrist problem so typing long texts isn't what I should be doing. Just remember I am, like everyone, very upset about this update, and believe that this is the worst thing you could ever have done. Dying Light was an extremely fast paced game and you just turned it into a Minecraft - Night Version. Here's my one advice to you Techland: delete this patch, let us play like we did before, and take your time to make a better patch for GP spit and Insta Tackles (or don't, doesn't matter to me. They are noob moves but make it even more challenging sometimes). Because leave it the way you made it now and I can guarantee you that in 2 months the few players that were left in the game are gone.