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  1. tl;dr Change you active quest. I just simply removed Bozak, its not big file to download if I want to do it again.
  2. Why you keep copy pasting this nonsense all over again. Go to your earlier thread or simply to ”Post Any Btz Bugs/exploits Here”.
  3. Theres already thread for btz bugs (first topic on list). Hunter can tackle on vertical and horizintal axis. Upward tackles triggering range is bit longer than normal ground tackles. I dont see anything wrong on that. X-ray tackles have been there from start. Its very well known bug.
  4. This! I rarely disable invasions or visit slums but this time I had to go and salute the master. If someone is wondering where I pulled this nick from, its finally time to go and see Romero's Day of the Dead
  5. Hey, No big deal, this just bothered me for while now. Forum shows embedded videos really weird - looks like it scales video so much that it doesn't even fit on screen on vertical direction. I think its something to do with 3440x1440 resolution? When I drag my browser to edge of screen (to split view) video is lot more watchable.
  6. 100% agree with this. Its bit weird I havent seen it getting more attention inside community. Its just ridicilous that in some cases autoheal is even more powerful than instaheal. NH booster as it is fine by me, but as said, combined with constant healing its really messed up. Even tho effect lasts only 1 minute, survivors can always shoot that new impact bolt to ground, heal and enjoy the constant HP flow. Why healing process even keeps going characters health is already full? LucasK's suggestion to stop healing process for about 3-4 seconds after hunter attack sounded good too. I think I found good record to prove the point: - 3 tackles - 2 ground pounds - 1 claw Total 6 succesfull attacks done inside ~14 seconds to take down player whos in healing state. Imagine the pain against team. And without that luck. Don't get me wrong, I dont want hunter to be super predator who can take down humans like nothing without any need to even use spits. But make it bit more doable without need to abuse any glitches. Man kick me out of MT4 but have to say this: I like the immersion, atmosphere and challenge HUDless view gives on 1v1 and 1v/2. In team games (1v3/4) I never got used to that seeing teammates is harder and harder further the match progress and darkness falls. In team games I find crucial to see what my mates are doing or just find em when they die. I'd like if human characters were bit more visible and could be seen with survivor sense. Or make some special outfit that pops out better in pitch black (glowing outfit with more glow).
  7. Thanks for this thread. - Toxic effect during DFA/increase DFA animation time so human stays longer in toxic. What grinds hunters gears? Animation camping, specially after iTackle was removed. Those unavoidable deaths - just because one survivor had enough patient to sit top of lamp post for 10 seconds. And brave enough to jump down on locked hunter. Yes theres ways not to get under DFA bombardment-bait - but hunters energy limitation (I like to think it as ticking clock) sets certain limitations to drive off the campers all over again. When hunter feels like dfa is coming and he cant counter-tackle, he should have chance to take survivor with him with quick toxic-spit. Main idea is not to actually get the kill, usually toxic deaths lead to human revive anyway if hunter isn't around, but it would give NH one way to delay humans trip to nest. Nowadays hunters shoot horde-spit and pray for telebombers when they feel like they are getting rained from above. Sometimes toxic too but it wont kill human unless hes low on HP. This one is problematic because toxic is very strong currently and imo shouldn't be any stronger on normal gameplay. Thats why dfa animation time increase-suggestion. - DFA height required. Got quite few wtf-moments with this one. Sometimes dfa just triggers out of nowhere on very low drops. I'd like to see the day when DFA is hard maneuver and indication of high skill or something, now it just feels so ez trick. - Manual firearms damage. Im lazy and just quote myself: "I'd really like to get slow manually loaded firearms buffed. E.g. I love double barrel shotgun (dat reloading sound) but against Night hunter its like bb-gun. If successfully clearing both barrels to NH would correnspond somewhere near bows single hit damage, it would be good alternative to crossbow." - Amount of autobalance. It just feels so wrong. As I've said before; I rather lose like winner than win like loser. - Claw damage is at good state. I like the knockback too. However occasionally I feel like Im forced to use the NH-booster to survive from insane damage done by double-claw glitch (I really like pyza-suit). So decrease amount... of claw-glitching? On the other side I try to understand why hunters do it and why they find it justified: NH is just powerless af against good team. And most players seems to use booster by default. - Damage on 1v2(?). I have very little NH-experience, but as survivors eyes something feels really wrong in this setup. It feels unfair compared to 1v1/3/4. E.g. if both survivors know what they are doing, its not hard job to instakill hunter after single missed tackle. Nothing else, maybe? Guess I'll get back to this later. +rep ok
  8. Plot twist: his son is Visceral
  9. Actually when I bought this game some years ago I thought (for some reason) this would be story about beginning of the outbreak. To be honest it was bit disappointing when I realised games focus was at somewhere else than I expected. Guess side quests and helping NPC's to survive kept me playing this game and finish the story. Yes I'd like to see this too. Basic survival - Improvise. Adapt. Overcome
  10. Even though this thread was necro'd, its point is still valid. I can give normal mode with instant heal to new players so its easier them to get in to the gamemode. Problem comes when survivors with some skills (and health category upgraded to max) keep playing on normal. Hunter really need to push pressure to one single player until hes finally dead. If NH loses focus for second and human manages to heal, well, loop starts again. Meanwhile rest of the team can just animation camp for dfa ... I got feeling that most active players eventually move to nightmare mode. Ofc theres always those ultimate survivors who keep playing in normal for some odd reason, and maybe because of them players above certain rank, ie. Endangered, should be forced to heal slower. I've understood that hunter doesn't see lobbys difficulty level(?). If so, it should be changed so atleast hunter knows where he joins.
  11. I've probably said this before. In my opinion instant tackle added nice twist to game, no matter that I usually play on that side who receives the hit. However almost unavoidable wall tackles and 0% energy tackles were bit too much even for me. It was really cool bug but I would bring back only tweaked version of it. I've seen same kind of statistics earlier too and I still feel like im being bamboozled. Its really interesting how these stats indicate quite opposite what I've heard from fellow players. Dont understand wrong, I genuinely believe stats are right and this is really overall situation right now. And btw, it would be great if you someday start publishing statistics to players, I really enjoy em. Maybe community is just so polarized: theres normal-mode players who just want fun and nightmare-mode players who practise same combo hundreds of times to execute it in match perfectly. Casual humans are on same line with casual hunters. But when we look at experienced players (not same as high rank!) whos gameplay has reached certain type meta level, and ask them who rules the Harran nowadays - well theres quite clear consensus who does. I got one suggestion. It doesn't remove the fact that theres ways to instakill hunter alone straight after single missed tackle in 1v1/1v2 scale (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CAE1Mmd7hHQ&t=2m49s), but should give hunter bit more advantage after insta was fixed: Asymmetric gamemodes are always difficult: they need to satisfy everyone - both HC-players and casual gamers on both sides, in this case humans and hunters. So could giving to first mentioned group new sandbox - or actually just adjusting the old one - help with this issue. Keep normal and hard difficulty modes as it. Adjust nightmare-mode settings so that players really need to push themselves to the limit and work as a team to beat hunter. How? I dont know. Dramatically slow down human health regen time? I believe every skilled player with some self-respect would change to hc-mode - just like when people moved to Nightmare and to HUDless view etc in order to challenge themselves. This should also give newer hunters chances to fight against top tier and maybe finally even get some kills. After that, if anyone feels like hunter is too strong, they can move one difficulty level back to train their skills more. And please remove autobalance. I rather lose like a man than win like loser. Works both ways; if enemy is about to lose he needs to git gud not git halp lel.
  12. You can counter tackle DFA. Sometimes successful tackle even leads to humans instant death if he tries it from high enough. Water dfa was fixed and now it should work only if hunter is at very surface of water.
  13. I should have stopped reading after first sentences. As far as I know Digital Scapes is behind this patch, so I believe you are barking up the wrong tree. And anyway barking to any tree, right or not, isn't something I would call to constructive discussion. Last tuning by P was in place and it had good changes. Back to the topic: I agree with Vallon; after this patch hunter is awfully clumsy and it has changed gamemodes whole nature to direction I dont like. What I like in BtZ? Extreme verticality, super fast situations - attacks and counter attacks - guided only by muscle memory and intuition. Every skilled player knows when they cant even see hunter but they still dodge tackles and spits like hattori hanzo - because they just unnaturally sense where attacks are coming from. That kind of situations are partly reason why I find BtZ best gamemode ever made. Hunter needs its superior speed and maneuverability. Now matches feel like dancing with 60 inch iron beam.
  14. Ah yea took another look on it and youre right. I tested it by doing heavy melee-gp straight after evading tackle: if human starts GP too quickly after tackle, the melee hits to hunter while it is in animation and thus damage is so low. So just have to be bit more patient with it - or do something with all that spare time during airflight, like shoot a bolt Nice to hear.
  15. I played few matches and heres some thoughts: Sense suppress buff - Good change. That spit got low impact against skilled players, so why not. Least they even have to suffer it for longer. If SS-spit also remove or even somehow disort game sounds it would be very effective tool. + Maybe removing map too so players couldnt see teammates or nests. Toxic spit damage and duration - Correctly used hunter spunk was very effective, but after this buff its really dangerous. Toxic also provides safe haven to DFA:s (least in 1vs1): if survivor proceeds DFA to hunter standing on toxic he dies himself too. Maybe shorter duration-> stronger effect (or vice versa) would be better. Hunter energy regen is good and fun idea. Hunter knockback on claws - Dont yet know what to think about this, but guess its not bad! Least its easier to knock players off roofs :). Can this prevent getting double clawed (tendril claw)? Elemental damage on hunter - So basically hunter takes no more damage from molotovs, gas cans (I liked the baiting), toxic/impact/electric... bolts/arrows. If this was fix to molotov spam, I think just that cooldown would be enough. Throwing stars and -axes damage 0 hp. Why? Bolt & arrow damage - As I stated on that other thread, this is weird idea. Bows damage is now ridiculously low considering how hard it is to hit hunter flying around like speed demon. Some hunters are moving so fast and unpredictable that theres no even time to wield the bow - unless they are in animation (and reduced damage in animation gives rightful help to hunters on those situations). And what, no even slightest damage from bolts blastwave/toxic cloud? Seems like people are now starting to use automatic firearms more and im considering it too. They do the job too but of course sprayed the kill isnt nowhere near as rewarding as that perfectly aimed single, slowly moving bolt straight to escaping hunters butt. Yes I symphatize alot hunters who play against full team of wannabe Legolasses, but in the other hand thats why theres damage scale and animation dmg nerf. I really dont get where this came from; I havent seen players complain about bows, except those few hunters who cry about everything (2-handed, uv-spam [dafuq], dodge spam). #makebowgreatagain Human respawn time - any change what helps hunter in 1vs3/4 matches is in place. If hunter manages to split team up, he deserves more time to enjoy the advantage given by damage scale before dead survivors respawn and gather up again. 2 flares and cooldown - Well 30 sec is long time in match. However if survivor loses his UV, loses his flare and cant even get hunter killed - he deserves to die. I like the flare be the last option - not something to throw like candies. I like candies. Molotov cooldown fix good. Reduced charged melee attacks on nests - Sometimes nests spawn to circle formation, so players can just go center and spam some whirlpool™. Tbh didnt see any problem in that. Theres also other ways to kill nest in seconds with heavy melee normal hits- should be nerfed too? Survivor sense cooldown - Barely noticed any difference on this. I think cooldown should be longer to it to work as intended? Reduced animation damage - This one is dramatic. In 1v1 survivor successfully evades tackle and hits hunter with heavy melee straight after it, he does only around 40 hp damage instead of ~120hp. Oh yea, if he doesnt get instatackled before he can say "Battle Axe of Titans rules ok" Now hunters can chain tackles quite fearlessly because punishment for missed tackle is so small. And best trick to avoid insta tackle and still make some damage to hunter - just staying back and shooting with bow - is now useless because low bow damage combined with animation reduction makes total damage given just ridiculous. In 2-4 player matches lower animation dmg is easier to accept. After this patch people are saying "hunter is like tank and humans nerfed af". I dont totally agree with this, but maybe theres small truth. Its lot harder to kill hunter now, but tbh even after these changes, I still enjoyed every match and didnt feel like hunters wipe floor with me. However now these changes feel bit weird. Afterall people just wanted instatackle and gp-spit to get fixed but quite the opposite happened: hunter got more advantage to its side.