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  1. wip

    This will keep me working... only 1% of the interior is done, which is just the walls on the 1st floor... Once this map will be finished it sure will be a place to go as someone more transparent is waiting for your personal visit.
  2. wip

    Risen Hey there, I have been working on a map for quite some time now and I just wanted to show some of it. It isn't much yet, but at least I could ask for some help, like ideas or types of houses, and maybe even little details that have to be added to the map. The map will be released when it's a 100% finished! Also, the map won't be done soon. Progress is slow but steady. My English sucks, I know. - For now there are two pictures of my map of two different houses, but trust me, there will be at least fifteen more. Just don't know when :D. - Every single house in the neighborhood will be enterable, but not every room due to bushes, you'll see soon. Also in every house there's something for the player to pick up and put in their inventories. It goes from snacks to heavy firearms. Don't know if they're really Heavy heavy but they'll be strong. Buggies will be spawned in as soon as you play the map and you can use it (Like you didn't know it yet..) to drive all the way to the other side of the map. Believe me, it's worth it taking the buggy. Although walking there is way more fun and challenging. But that's for you to decide. That's it for now, hope you guys will enjoy it and hopefully play it! (And yes, there's way more than just these two houses, I just had taken two pictures for now so I could at least show some progress)
  3. wip

    Nope I sure aint dead, just needed some time to finish of other mods for other games. Maybe there are beers, maybe something a little better! The shop might include, hold on! Cookies! And thanks, I will keep on going, 'till the map is finished! Maybe got some tips or ideas? Update btw! Someone hasn't got his or her driver's license!
  4. wip

    Working on a Very usefull shop, you'll find out what i'm talking about when the map is finished,
  5. wip

    Added a small pharmacy on the left, and some roof. Just some progress and showing im not dead.
  6. wip

    Thanks cr1m3! I'm doing my best, I hope you'll like it when it's all done.
  7. wip

    Risen - Update Alrighty, got an update! Well, kinda. I finally took some more pictures of the map as it looks like now. Not alot to show though, but at least something. I have been working on the smaller details too which takes more time.