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  1. four gadgets that I think would be awesome in dying light. 1. A Boomerang that you can upgrade that auto tracks up to 3 targets and has a 50% base chance to cut of limbs or the head of Biters, Virals. Also if there is only one zombie (such as a goon.) and you have the upgrade you can hit him with all three hits at one time. and as long as the boomerang durability runs out and break. it will try to return to you. but if it hits an impassable wall it will just break. and you will have to build a new one. and can also be upgraded/built as a fire/toxic/impact/electricity as well as slowing. 2. A Sentry Turret. I was thinking of a turret that auto fires on enemies you place it on the ground. the level one turret can only fire in one direction at a 35 degree radius of where you place it. (only 1 turrets can be out at the same time) a level 2 it can fire anywhere in front of it in a 180 degree arc and one turret can be active and one on standby until the other turret is destroyed or recovered by you. and does more damage and shoots more bullets in each burst and can fire faster. A level 3 turrets. 2 active turrets can be deployed at the same time. they can stick to walls and ceilings for 60 seconds before falling to a position on the floor. can fire in a full 360 degree arc. can have armor piercing, explosive, incendiary, shock, and impact bullets. has more armor and health and can be recovered from a distance for less parts than what you built it with. 3. a Sentry Bot. pretty much the same as a sentry turret. except it can move with you and has basic climbing and jumping abilities and can stick to walls. maximum deployed sentry Bots would be 2. can be recovered for less parts. instead of a blueprint to instantly build stronger ones. it will have one level bar that raises as it POWERS, AGILITY, and SURVIVES. that more or longer it does the more upgrades it gets by itself. 4. Would have to be a mech or power armor that can be used in the city. It might be a bit much to ask for an upgradeable suit that you can wear and you can customize and upgrade. plus you would take no fall damage. I think that this item would have to be an extremely hard to get item after the main story. but can be used in the following or other DLC areas with some restrictions. I would just like more wacky and weird ways to take out zombies. It is very fun. but after you 1000th Volatile kill you want more ways to have fun. I think you the Developers did an awesome job on this game. it is a lot of fun. And I hope you will take my suggestions seriously. hmm I just thought of something else. what about a drone that can fly with you and help you out. for every battery you give it it can fly for another 2 hours of real time. anyways have a good day. And I can't wait for Dying Light 2