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  1. Thought this might get some laughs.
  2. It already heals pretty slow on Nightmare. Faster with legend XP but it's enough of a nerf to let you take down someone at low health. Even if they dodge back and attempt to heal they won't possibly get there if you keep attacking whereas a normal mode player can dodge back after a hit and be 100% again in an instant. Maybe make even Normal mode switch to "Hard" during PvP so they heal slower. The rest of the mechanics are pretty much the same. It would encourage people to watch their health more closely and even out PvP across the board.
  3. I thought of a buff while reading the itackle thread. It's a little dangerous to tackle considering it's an easy evade + almost always a hit from the human. So, how about mutation 3 hunters with those spikes on their back have armour. Armour Endurance is exactly the same as HP, so in a 2V1 you can withstand a full axe blow from behind, plus another hit. With the armour, you can't be DFA'd because that'd be dangerous on spikes. After the armour is broken then you are vulnerable to DFA and lose/regen health the same as it is now. That might make the hunter a bit too strong though. Maybe only a special 4v1 thing, or just limit 2H weapon damage from "ground slam" attacks since they can just be spammed, but leave the damage as is for a regular hit.
  4. Sure it wasn't lag? I'm slow, I get burned out super fast from lights. If it's like last nights 4v1 and later 1v1 with one of the same guys then I can't even GP or tackle at times. The UV also happens to slow me right down, stopping all momentum so I can't tackle or even escape despite still having stamina for another precious second. It's all lag though. Sure the survivors were decent but in other games the UV isn't anywhere near as deadly, and moves register properly. The last nest in the 4v1 was a freebie for them because I was immobilized completely. I only had 2 or 3 lives left to take but I landed with an air GP only to just swing my claw and not GP, then tried again quickly but it failed. I then jumped but couldn't jump for some reason or move, so I died. Came back, couldn't tackle because the hunter wouldn't move over any surface without stopping, grabbing, and jumping. He would then get stuck because the tendrils wouldn't lock on to anything at all around me. I really couldn't do a damn thing to them.
  5. Relax. I'm just going off a video I saw and some other comments. In the video the hunter tackled, was able to spin around instantly and perform an instant reverse tackle while the survivor was still in the air from the evade, unable to evade apparently. I don't see how a grapple hook would help him evade unless he had enough time to pull it out and move out of the lock in range. If there are legit counters then it's not as huge of a deal. If there are exploits that allow a mid air evade then what's the point? You're using exploits to counter exploits. Doesn't that make it ridiculous at that point? I'm on ps4 so every time I see odd things like instant tackles I figured it was lag considering the hunter is warping around like a blur with nearly infinite stamina and initiating tackles from so damn far that my hunter would sometimes have trouble pouncing from there. Maybe some adjustments need to be made to PC considering the advantage of the keyboard/mouse over a default console controlls. One chupacabra example is the tackle spam I've seen PC hunters do. Land inside flares/between players and just run in circles completely unaware of where anyone even is while holding tackle until they automatically lock in to someone. The default PS4 controls make that very difficult but with some different mapping you can pull off the same stuff.
  6. I'd say some way to knock people off lamp posts and other thin areas that can't really be safely ground pounded. Trying to tendril up to claw is a pain when they blast you with uv. Maybe make a charged pounce to push people back some so they fall, but disable the drop attack on someone who just evaded a pounce otherwise that'll just be instant death. Only seems fair considering you have no movement afterwards until you hit the ground, though you don't take fall damage so letting them grapple or roll out of it is fine.
  7. I just youtubed instant tackle to see. Here I thought that stuff was lag but it seems people were abusing a glitch as well as lag, assuming it's doable on consoles. The survivor was still in the air from the evade and got tackled again. That's way too OP to be considered legit if it's unavoidable. I've faced survivors using 2 handed and they don't always get hits off. If they do I definitely don't do another tackle or I'll die. You can already lock them into an animation with the tackle, and deal enough damage if it's a hit. You shouldn't be able to miss it and then get a free 100% hit. They can't exactly avoid you coming at them. That's like all the people who want UV spit to take flares out too so that UV suppressor = free kill because they don't know how to play. edit: If anything for the two handed blows I'd say maybe make the hunter fly farther so they can't be GP's with a two handed normally unless they hit something that stops them. Either that or have them continue in a sprint after a miss but limit the tackle ability for a second or two so they don't use that to spin around while sprinting to tackle almost as fast. On that note I'd also say limit consecutive ground pounding to have at least some kind of delay, not on the hunter's mobility, but on his ability to charge another so fast. On normal games it's not bad because it's easy to see it coming and just dodge back, make them miss and get them. On laggy games which happen too often for me, the ground pound is far reaching and unavoidable. You dodge back 3-4 times as you see it coming and still get hit, then again, then again. Sometimes I'm also clawed from 20 feet in the air while they charge the next one. I know it's not just me because enough people get spammed with it that it's pretty much become a go to tactic for many.
  8. How about more player skins. PvP is usually 4 cranes in different outfits, occasionally Tahir. How about Jade or Ezgi for anyone wanting to play as them? You can have a team of Crane, Jade, Brecken, and Rahim. Custom private games. I'd like to play BTZ with edited parameters on console if possible. Enable hyper mode, maybe increase players or hunters so it can be a 6v2 if possible for some crazy matches. Buggy racing where you avoid bombers and barrels, and hit drops for a chance at a recharge of nitro, land mine, toxic puddle to spin out other buggies. Kinda like mario cart, but dying light style. Or an elimination race. 3 laps, barrels, , and toxic puddles. Every lap the last player is eliminated. PvP VS mode where it's kills vs kills in a set area so no one hides inside a safe house or warehouse. 10 min matches end when the sun rises.
  9. There's an annoying bug on Ps4 matchmaking I ran into again. Join someone's match and the regular flashlight is disabled. It happened to multiple people I tried joining. Kind of becomes unplayable when you can't see anything lol One of the last few games I played I noticed something odd. I was tagged with sense suppressor, yet I can see the hunter. The teammates using sense pinged it's location. Don't think it's suppose to work like that. Doesn't that defeat it's purpose? Also in that same match the hunter spit a sense suppressor at me, missed, then came back right away and spit smashed me with it. How is that possible? Don't you need 2 spits to do that? Or did they change it. edit: Oh yes and someone went and changed buggy car audio effect radius. The thing used to be useful for drawing bombers to it to save yourself or teammates. Now I find more and more bombers ignore the thing and come straight at you if you're even just 15 feet from it. edit 2: Also forgot I'm ranked Under Dog or possibly the one below it now. I used to be at Dominant. It reset on me. I reset the main campaign, and it was fine at first. Suddenly I do a match and get a blue tier weapon to find I'm ranked Prey. I've gotten back up to Under Dog only to find out I've gone back to Prey a second time after resetting the following. I got back up to under dog and without any reset of story or anything, I was suddenly Prey again. Why is this happening? I've heard using potions to cloak resets it but I've never used those things.
  10. Hey. New to these forums. Been playing a bit and decided to throw some clips together over the year so I can delete them from the PS4. Hunter compilation al the way to the moment I became Hunter rank (with 3 easy kills lol): Some survivor gameplay here as well + a cool tip at the end for anyone who never thought of trying it.