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  1. Kind of beginning to lose my buzz for the game. Not that I want to rush it or anything but I have been hype for it since I first read about it in April 2012 and the game seemed soooo close to going gold then nothing all of a sudden, its gotten me a little worried.
  2. In your opinion what seems to be most preferred when modding a weapon? Is it the rarity of the item itself that holds better results? or just the damage output of the weapon itself regardless of rarity that takes priority? To me it doesnt seem like rarity is anything special in this game... Also Im maxed out so pretty much all the weapons I get are high tier P.S I finally ran into my first "Dark" weapon, a Dark Sickle. It was really cool, glows, an his this runistic markings on it. Does it hold any other special attributes? It doesnt seem to be adding any elements or specially effective against volatiles (which I thought it would be since it glows lol). Just wondering, still cool though.
  3. Its safe to assume at least 1 of the Hellraid team, at least a moderator or community manager is watching these forums still since they deleted all those pesky spam posts from not too long ago...
  4. Its been kind of quiet here on both the developer and community front lately...
  5. Are you guys sure you are commenting in the right forum? This is Hellraid not Dying Light
  6. Whered you find all those guns? So far Ive only found 1 Military Rifle by doing a side quest
  7. While it isnt recommended to use guns, as stated by the developers, because they generate alot of noise and attract the zeds. I actually find using the guns pretty satisfying...For a good portion of the game Ive been hoping to find at least one and track it down. Some time ago I finally managed to get an Assault Rifle off a quest, although it only had about 15 rounds in it. Using the gun felt refreshing, especially with the parkour maneuvering aspect of being hunted by zeds, and its not like the guns are particularly even OP. It takes more than 4 shots to actually kill any given zed (and I primarily used it to get rid of those pesky Toads and Bombers), so I cannot really see much fault in them besides the noise. I just hope I can find more of them eventually. Not only are the guns rare, but so is the ammo. Ive yet to find any ammunition or other guns scattered around.
  8. Just thought of this, what if the game had a buzzsaw weapon!! Not a buzzsaw like this per se but a buzzsaw blade topped on a javelin or some kind of polearm weapon for long rang weaponized carnage or on top of a baton for quick, brutal debowelization!!! (Morbid I know....MORTAL KOMBAT)
  9. I think you meant to post on the Dying Light forum, this is the Hellraid branch lol.
  10. Video games become bad when people want more in a game than is actually put in, its about the quality not the quantity of whats in it. And the fact that everyone thinks ever game "needs" multiplayer/coop and if they game is going to add multiplayer/coop then it need to do this, this and that.
  11. So I just read this little tidbit of information in a new article on IGN about Dying Light and wanted to highlight this piece of news I and was intrigued about: "The first-person zombie survival horror finds the player scavenging for food, supplies, and weapons during the daylight to use after nightfall, when the infected population becomes more aggressive." To me, this sounds amazing!! It really adds to the "survival" aspect. I already knew there was some missions that required you to go get certain items from drops either for yourself or your organization/squad/team, but I didnt think there would be the addition of looking for items to help you survive day to day. Im probably reading to much into the that paragraph but to me it sounds like Techland is implementing it so that you have to find food, and enough of it to be able to ration it out day by day and amongst your NPC clan kind of like in State of Decay. If this isnt being implemented I wouldnt mind and would gladly welcome it.
  12. Dont know if this has been mentioned or its implemented in the story already or your cooking something up already but I wanted to add if you can prevent your zombification. In the game your character isnt immune to the zombie infection but is already infected, he just hasnt turned yet which allows him some "zombie powers" like the night vision, etc. Although for what reason hasnt he turned? Is it just repressed? Slowly turning as the game ages on? Does it take a while to kick in depending on the depth of the infection? What if in the game there was some kind of medicine that slowed the process of the zombification. While playing you have to find, collect and make sure to keep up on some way to prevent a full turning of your character. Really adds to the adrenaline level, and would make crate drops especially important.
  13. Early Access is provided through Steam. Buy the game there and you get Early Access, no sign ups required.
  14. "I should of ate something before this fight, so hungry, im practically skin and bones..."
  15. I saw the enite Live Steam from IGN today and was just blown away, I would not only be exploring every crevasse of the stages for items but just the pure beauty of the levels. Your concept artist and level designing did a fantastic job, the whole team did a mind blowing job as a matter of fact. This game looks absolutely stunning, and the gameplay just keeps hooking me in, heres to hoping for a successful launch!!